Lilly hit Montero again

Ted Lilly threw a pitch that hit Miguel Montero last night, and that wouldn’t be very interesting except that Lilly already hit Montero twice this year. That ties Lilly and Montero with Nick Blackburn and Carlos Quentin for the most HBPs this year for a single pitcher/batter matchup. Prior to this year, no pitcher had hit the same batter three times in a season since 2009 when Ryan Dempster took offense to other people sharing his first name and hit Ryan Braun three times. There haven’t been two 3-plunk matchups in the same season since 2007 when Justin Verlander hit Casey Blake three times, Daisuke Matsuzaka hit Alex Rodriguez three times and Roy Oswalt hit Josh Willingham three times. The only modern incident of a batter getting hit 4 times in a season by the same pitcher was in 1995 when Tom Candiotti hit Jeff Kent 4 times.

Roy Oswalt hit Carlos Lee for the 2nd time this season, giving the former Astros ace 25 plunks at Minute Maid Park. Lee has only taken 3 plunks this year. Overall, that was the 76th of Oswalt’s career.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .838
Robinson Cano – .827
Ryan Braun – .818
Miguel Cabrera – .815
Jose Reyes – .814


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