Rickie Weeks returns

Rickie Weeks made his first start since July 27th yesterday, and that wouldn’t be a big deal except that he got hit by a pitch, proving that he really is back from his injury. Weeks got his 94th career plunk leaving him just 2 HBPs away from the tying the Brewers career HBP record. Weeks has been hit 7 times this year, and all 7 of those have been at Miller Park. If Weeks continues to fail to get any HBPs on the road, he’ll be just the 4th player in the last 45 years to get hit by at least 7 pitches in home games without getting hit on the road. Cesar Tovar had 9 home plunks without one on the road in 1969, Adam Dunn matched that in 2002, and Matt Lawton had 7 home plunks and none on the road in 2000. Because of his 7 home plunks, Weeks has managed to keep a significant lead in the all-important statistical category “most HBPs in parks named after kinds of beer”. No one else has more than 4 plunks in beer parks this year.

Tim Hudson hit two Cardinals yesterday making those his 13th and 14th plunks of the year. That ties him with Dillon Gee for the National League lead in HBPs, in a tight race for the NL Phill Knell award (given to the pitcher who hits the most batters in each league).

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .838
Robinson Cano – .826
Jose Reyes – .821
Ryan Braun – .818
Miguel Cabrera – .813

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