Sean Rodriguez and his interesting day

Sean Rodriguez made last night’s highlight real by hitting into a triple play yesterday, but he did something else a little more rare. He got hit by a pitch in both games of a double header. Chase Utley was the last player to get plunked in two game in one day, doing so on September 6, 2010. The double header plunk fete hasn’t been done in back to back years since 1997 and 1998. There have only been 5 times since the Rays came into existence that a player has been plunked in both games of a double header, and that means Rodriguez is the first Ray ever to do it.
Here’s the list of the last several players to get hit in both games of the double header:
Sean Rodriguez – 8/16/2011 vs Red Sox
Chase Utley – 9/6/2010 vs Marlins
Carlos Quentin – 4/26/2008 vs Orioles
Ramon Hernandez – 6/28/06 vs Phillies (only time in an interleague game)
Damion Easley – 9/16/2000 vs Red Sox
Jason Kendall – 9/15/1998 vs Cardinals
Brady Anderson – 7/4/1997 vs Tigers
Lonnie Smith – 6/30/89 vs Phillies

I could only find one day in the past 45 years on which a player got hit in both games of a double header and a triple play occurred somewhere in MLB, but they weren’t in the same game. Wayne Tolleson got plunked by the Brewers in both games on July 18, 1983, and the Tigers hit into a triple play against Oakland that day.

John Lester threw one of the plunks to Rodriguez, bringing his career total to 40.

Andruw Jones got his 90th career plunk yesterday, on a pitch from Danny Duffy.


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