Juan Pierre gets 95th

Since the beginning of the 2000 major league baseball season, only 15 players have been hit by 95 pitches, but Juan Pierre joined that group last night becoming the 16th batter with 95 HBPs in the 21st century.  Only 37 batters got hit by 95 pitches or more in the 20th century, but we’re already up to 16 batters with that many HBPs in the 21st century, and we’ve still got 88 years of it to get through.  Royals pitcher Danny Duffy was responsible for that plunking, just the 2nd of his career.

Scott Sizemore got his 1st major league plunking yesterday, becoming the 572nd different player to get hit by a pitch for the A’s franchise.  Greg Halman also got his 1st major league HBP yesterday, and he’s the 208th player to record at least 1 HBP for the Mariners.

Nyjer Morgan had an RBI plunk for the Brewers, making that the 51st time in franchise history a Brewer has been plunked with the bases loaded.  It was the 27th RBI plunk in the majors this season, but no batter has managed to do that twice this year.


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