17th for Quentin!

The White Sox played their 81st game of the season last night, and Carlos Quentin got hit by a pitch.  He’s got 17 HBPs through half a season.  17 x 2 = 34.  The American League single season record, as if you’ve forgotten, is 35 by Don Baylor in 1986. Is it still too early to get excited about the chances of Quentin making a run at that record?  He’s the first player since Jason Kendall in 1998 to get hit 17 times in his team’s first 81 games, and Kendall, Don Baylor and Ron Hunt are the only players who have done that in the last 40 years.

Quentin’s plunk was the 91st of his career, which leaves him one HBP behind Rickie Weeks for the title of the most plunked player born after 1980.  He also has a 9 HBP lead on the next most plunked American League batter this year.  That HBP was also the 40th ever thrown by Ubaldo Jiminez.

Travis Hafner improved his career plunk total to 72 when David Hernandez hit him yesterday.  Hafner is now just 7 HBPs behind Nap Lajoie for the Indians franchise record for career plunks.

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2 Responses to “17th for Quentin!”

  1. mechanical turk says:

    Quentin’s plunk yesterday was a solid one, too. No chance to avoid it even if he wanted to for some strange and unknown reason.

  2. oahu420 says:

    I didn’t realize that Q! was making a run for the record. Thanks for the heads up. It’s been a pretty dismal season so far for the Sox.
    If Q! can stay healthy I think he can do it. C’mon Q! We’re pullin’ for ya.

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