Lester retakes league lead

Jon Lester plunked Andrew McCutchen last night putting himself back in the league lead and becoming the first pitcher to reach 10 hit batsmen this season.  Lester has hit 4 batters on Fridays this year, and the Red Sox have now hit 45 batters – 11 more than any other team.

Felix Hernandez became the 5th pitcher this year to throw three plunks in a game, hitting John Buck, Omar Infante and John Buck again.  That’s the 2nd 3 plunk game of his career, and the last of those was his 40th career plunk.  He’s now tied with Bill Swift for 4th place on the Mariners career hit batters list, but he’s not yet half way to Randy Johnson‘s club record of 89.

Mike Morse got his 20th career plunk last night, and somehow 9 of those 20 have occurred in the month of June.  That was his 6th of this season.  Chris Johnson also picked up his 6th HBP of the season last night, and Shin-Soo Choo got his 6th of the season, and Brent Lillibridge also got his 6th of the season.


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