Wakefield credited with 180th career plunk

Nobody really seemed to think it hit anyone, except the umpire, and his was the only opinion that counted last night when Tim Wakefield was credited with career plunk number 180. Robinson Cano got sent to first base, so it counts as an HBP. That gives Wakefield sole possession of 8th place on the all time plunks thrown list, ahead of Joe McGinnity. 170 of those plunks have been thrown while pitching for the Red Sox, and only Walter Johnson and Eddie Plank have thrown more plunks for a single franchise.

Randy Wolf has hit exactly half as many batters as Tim Wakefield, having thrown his 90th career HBP at Jason Bay last night. Wolf now leads the NL with 8 plunks this season, and is 3rd among active pitchers in hitting the Mets, with 7. For Bay, that was career plunk number 54.

In the Pirates/Diamondbacks game, Melvin Mora got his 117th career plunk, and Justin Upton got his 9th HBP of this year. Mora is 47th on the all time HBPs list. For Upton, it was career plunk #20.

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