Wakefield hits 179th batter

It’s hard to really say Tim Wakefield has hit any batters, but yesterday Paul Konerko didn’t get out of the way of a ball that left Wakefield’s hand and randomly floated into Konerko’s personal space. It always seems so unlikely that Wake knows where those knuckleballs are going when they leave his hand. Before that, Wakefield had faced 295 consecutive batters without hitting any of them, dating back to July 30, 2010 when he hit Miguel Cabrera. That’s a pretty good streak for a guy with a career average of one plunk every 75 batters faced. But he’s now up to 179 plunks, which ties him with Joe McGinnity for 8th place on the all time list. For Konerko, that was his 84th.

Roy Oswalt threw the 75th plunk of his career, throwing at a 2nd baseman who gets hit by a lot of pitches – something Oswalt should know a thing or two about. Danny Espinosa was on the other end of that, and he’s now been hit 10 times this year. Espinosa ia a rookie, and he’s just one plunk short of tying the National’s franchise record for rookie plunks. Since 1920, no other rookie has been hit by 10 pitches by June 1st. Alex Gordon, David Eckstein and Rick Reichardt had 9 by June 1st, but nobody had gotten to 10 before Espinosa. Oswalt’s 75 career plunks tie him with Willie Mitchell for the record for most hit batters by a pitcher born in Mississippi.

Derek Jeter got hit by a pitch for the 155th time yesterday, on a pitch from Gio Gonzalez. That moves Jeter into sole possession of 17th place on the all time list, ahead of Alex Rodriguez and Brady Anderson. Jeter need two more plunks to tie Fernando Vina for 16th all time.

Brewers pitcher Kameron Loe has now hit twelve batters, and one-sixth of them have been Brandon Phillips.

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