Quentin takes plunk race lead with 10th plunk… and 11th

On August 8, 2008, Jon Lester plunk Carlos Quentin giving Quentin a career total of 35 HBPs. Yesterday, Lester faced Quentin again and delivered his 84th and 85th HBPs. Quentin has now been hit 11 times this season, taking a two plunk lead over Danny Espinosa. Of the last 21 batters who get hit 11 times in their team’s first 56 games, 10 of them have gone on to get hit at least 15 more times by the end of the season, so Quentin has about a 48% chance of breaking the 100 plunk mark this year, based on past experience. Lester is now the all time leader in plunking Carlos Quentin, and the first pitcher to plunk Quentin three times in his career.

The White Sox are now up to 33 HBPs (with Quentin accounting for one third of them), and that leads the majors by a margin of 10 HBPs. They’re on pace fore 95 plunks this year, which would be the most in White Sox history.

The Red Sox have now hit a league high 28 batters, two plunks ahead of the 2nd place Mets.

The Mets didn’t hit anyone yesterday, but Mets batter Justin Turner did get hit by a pitch thrown by Charlie Morton of the Pirates. That ended an un-plunked streak by the Mets that had stretched to 29 games. That was their longest stretch of consecutive games without being hit by a pitch since 1995 when they dodged every pitch in 29 consecutive games from June 20th to July 22nd.

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  1. mechanical turk says:

    The White Sox always seems to get hit a lot, and always seem to not hit many batters. I guess they just try harder than the other teams.

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