Dempster throws 80th

There were 14 batters hit by pitches in yesterday’s major league baseball games, and one of them was a pitch Ryan Dempster threw that hit opposing pitcher Ricky Nolasco.  That pitch wast the 80th hit batter of Dempster’s career, and his 35th for the Cubs.  Nolasco had never been hit by a pitch before.

Prince Fielder got his 73rd career plunk, on a pitch from Dustin Moseley of the Padres.  Of Fielder’s 73 HBPs, this was only the 9th recorded in the month of May.

Update:  Also, Jon Lucroy had a bases loaded plunk in the 6th inning, driving in the go-ahead run.  That was the first RBI plunk for the Brewers since July 3rd of last year, and the first RBI plunk in the 6th inning or later since June 10, 2007.  It was also the 50th RBI plunk in Brewers history.


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  1. Kyle Lobner says:

    Nothing on Jon Lucroy’s bases-loaded HBP for the Brewers? It drove home the winning run.

  2. pbr says:

    Sorry, I had a headache this morning. Not quite on my game for spotting notable plunks.

    I fixed.

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