Jeter gets 154th

Derek Jeter had only been hit by a pitch 153 times before yesterday, and he’d only been hit by a pitch against the Red Sox 21 times. But, Jon Lester didn’t figure that was enough, because he’d never hit Derek Jeter with a pitch himself – so Lester plunked Jeter. That pushed Jeter up into a three way tie for 17th place on the all time hbp list, with Alex Rodriguez and Brady Anderson. Neither of those guys got hit 22 times by the Red Sox though, and nobody else in the last 40 years has either.

Ted Lilly hit Miguel Montero in the 2nd inning, and again in the 3rd inning yesterday. He’s the first pitcher to hit the same batter in consecutive innings this year. (That happened only twice last year). Montero had only been plunked twice before doubling his total yesterday.

Mike Stanton got his 6th career HBP yesterday, and one third of those have been thrown by Jason Marquis.

The Brewers did not get hit by a pitch yesterday, making that their 15th consecutive game without an HBP. They hadn’t gone 15 games without a plunk since April of 1996, so this is their longest plunkless streak since before they joined the National League.


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