3 guys with over 100 plunks – and Danny Espinosa

Alex Rodriguez already had the park record for HBPs at the Ballpark in Arlington, and the closest active player to breaking that record also plays on the Yankees, but he’s a bit of a show-boater so he felt the need to get his 30th career Arlington plunk yesterday, and the 154th of his career. Dave Bush was happy to oblige. Rodriguez is now tied with Brady Anderson for 17th on the all time plunks list, with 154. Dave Bush has thrown 79 now, but that was his first time plunking Rodriguez.

Down the all time HBP list a little way we’ll find Aaron Rowand, and he moved up yesterday taking his 120th career plunk, and his 2nd from a Mark Belisle pitch. Rowand is now tied with Buck Herzog for 44th place.

And a bit further down from Rowand, you can find Reed Johnson, and he got his 106th HBP yesterday, good for a 63rd place tie with Barry Bonds. Johnson got a pinch hit HBP from Sam LeCure for the 2nd time in 3 days. ReEd Johnson now has 4 HBPs this year, and 3 of them were in pinch hit appearances. The “designated hitter era” record for pinch hit plunks in a season is 4 by Fernando Vina in 1994 and Kevin Sefcik in 1998.

Danny Espinosa got hit again for the Nationals, giving him a NL leading 6 HBPs. If you’re wondering who Danny Espinosa is, he’s the Nationals rookie 2nd baseman… and the National League leader in HBPs this year. Annibal Sanchez of the Marlins threw that one – the Marlins have only hit 5 batters this year, and 4 of them have been on Sundays.

Bobby Abreu‘s plunk from Fausto Carmona yesterday was the 300th HBP in a game between the Angels and Indians.

Clayton Kershaw became the first pitcher to get hit by a pitch this year, taking a plunk from RA Dickey.


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