Markakis gets 999th in Camden Yards history

Nick Markakis was minding his own business in the 7th inning last night when Jose Mijares came along and hit him with a pitch. As it happens, that was the 999th plunk in Camden Yards history, leaving the Orioles home park just one plunk short 9th active major league ballpark to have 1000 batters hit by a pitch there. Historic plunk 1000 could be as soon as tonight.

Meanwhile, up the road in Philadelphia, Prince Fielder waited until the 12th inning to cease the major league HBP lead. He got his 4th plunk of the 2011 season, delivered by Kyle Kendrick. That was Fielder’s 7th career plunk at Citizen’s Bank Park, tying him with Carlos Delgado for the most plunks by a visitor at that park. Delgado, by the way, was hit by more pitches than any lefthander who didn’t play in the 19th century, but Fielder already has 35 more plunks than Delgado had when he was Fielder’s age.

Matt Diaz had an RBI plunk off Matt Maloney in yesterday’s Reds/Pirates game, and that one was the 800th major league plunk by a batter born in Oregon.

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