Plunk a left-handed first baseman day

Yesterday was “Plunk a left-handed first baseman day” in baseball, but the only teams that took the name literally were the Brave (plunking Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder), and the Twins (plunking the Yankees Mark Teixeira). Both were hit in the first inning and both were hit at their home parks. Nobody else got hit by a pitch yesterday.
Fielder’s plunk was thrown by Braves rookie Brandon Beachy, who had never before hit a batter. It gives Fielder an even 70 career HBPs, and 4 of those have been against the Braves – that’s a Brewer’s record for plunks against the Braves, breaking a tie with Brady Clark, Geoff Jenkins, and Mark Loretta who all had three plunks against the Braves. The Brewers have only been hit 25 times in franchise history against the Braves, so those four players account for just over half of them. That was also Fielder’s 30th plunk at Miller Park.
Teixeira’s plunk was the 79th of his career, his 15th at new Yankee Stadium – he already owned the park record. Scott Baker threw that one, giving him 22 batters plunked. That was the first time he ever plunked a Yankee though.

In stuff around the internet news, South Side Sox posted a photo gallery of people getting hit by pitches yesterday, which I highly recommend checking out.


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