Weeks breaks opening-series plunk streak

Last year’s HBP title winner Rickie Weeks has not yet been hit by a pitch in 2011, and even though he’s only played 3 games, he hasn’t gone this deep into the season without a plunk in a long time. Last year, Weeks got hit in the Brewers season opener. In 2009, he also got hit in the Brewers’ opening game, and in 2008 he got hit twice in the first game of the year. In 2007, he waited until game 2 to take a plunk, but in 2006 he got hit on opening day. So, this is the first year that he’s opened the season with 3 plunkless games since 2005. That year he got hit in his 4th game, although he was a mid-season call-up back then, and it was the Brewers 64th game of the year. In 2003 (his only other year with major league experience) he got hit in his 4th game as well.
So, if Rickie doesn’t get hit in this afternoon’s game, this will be his longest plunkless streak to open a season. 4 games.
No other player from 1973 to 2011 has 5 HBPs in opening day games, and no other player has been hit in 4 different opening games.

UPDATE: Rickie Weeks didn’t get hit by a pitch in his 4th game of the season, making this the longest plunkless streak to open a season of his career.


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