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The most plunked batters born on September 30th

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

22hbp – Carlos Guillen, born 09/30/1975, 1327th all time, played from 1998 to 2011
16hbp – Jeremy Giambi, born 09/30/1974, 1756th all time, played from 1998 to 2003
16hbp – Gabby Street, born 09/30/1882, 1756th all time, played from 1904 to 1931
13hbp – Seth Smith, born 09/30/1982, 2060th all time, played from 2007 to 2012
13hbp – Craig Kusick, born 09/30/1948, 2060th all time, played from 1973 to 1979

The most plunked batters born on September 29th

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

79hbp – Harry Steinfeldt, born 09/29/1877, 157th all time, played from 1898 to 1911
32hbp – Rob Deer, born 09/29/1960, 878th all time, played from 1984 to 1996
32hbp – Tim Flannery, born 09/29/1957, 878th all time, played from 1979 to 1989
24hbp – Dave Orr, born 09/29/1859, 1229th all time, played from 1883 to 1890
20hbp – Gene Richards, born 09/29/1953, 1471st all time, played from 1977 to 1984
20hbp – Rich Reese, born 09/29/1941, 1471st all time, played from 1964 to 1973

Padres and Dodgers manage the game just for me

Friday, September 28th, 2012

It’s not every night that both teams in one game make management moves as though they were managing the game just for me.  But, in the 6th inning of the Padres-Dodgers game last night, the Padres loaded the bases with two out.  They decided it was time for a pinch hitter, and went to Carlos Quentin.  What better choice did they have, in a bases loaded situation that Q! with his 5 career RBI plunks, 113 total HBPs, and a National League leading 16 plunks this year.  Well, the Dodgers had to counter that move, and they did it exactly how I would draw it up if I could have scripted the game before hand.  They looked in their bullpen and saw 145 time plunk thrower Jamey Wright.  A pitcher who has hit 5 batters with the bases loaded in his career.  It took 4 pitches to achieve the inevitable result – Quentin’s 114th career plunk and Wright’s 146th.  And, the 6th RBI plunk for each of them.  Wright is now tied with Charlie Hough for the most RBI plunks by any pitcher in the division era.  Quentin is one of 7 active players with at least 6 rbi plunks.  Wright’s 146 would tie him with Jamie Moyer for the lead among active pitchers, if Moyer were actually still active.  They’re both tied for 21st on the all time hit batters list, with Silver King.  Quentin is tied for 51st place on the all time list with Bill Freehan and Frankie Crosetti.

Joining Quentin in a tie with Prince Fielder for the Major League lead in plunks last night is Kevin Youkilis.  Youk, Q!, and Prince are all tied with 17 plunks this season, after James Shields hit Youkilis in the 5th inning.  That was also Youk’s 99th career plunk, and the 3rd time Shields has hit him.  Fielder and Youkilis will be battling for the AL plunk title in these last few games while their teams fight for the AL Central title.

Alex Rodriguez also got hit by a pitch in the 9th inning of his game, giving him 167 career plunks.  That’s the 16th most all time, and he’s 5 plunks behind Carlos Delgado for 15th.  Batters whose first names start with A and whose last names end in z have been hit 533 times in the major leagues.  Rodriguez has been hit 95 times since joining the Yankees.


The most plunked batters born on September 28th

Friday, September 28th, 2012

89hbp – Jack Fournier, born 09/28/1889, 113rd all time, played from 1912 to 1927
36hbp – Wilbur Good, born 09/28/1885, 736th all time, played from 1905 to 1918
17hbp – Ryan Zimmerman, born 09/28/1984, 1663rd all time, played from 2005 to 2012
17hbp – Dick Gernert, born 09/28/1928, 1663rd all time, played from 1952 to 1962
16hbp – Mario Guerrero, born 09/28/1949, 1756th all time, played from 1973 to 1980
16hbp – Denny Sullivan, born 09/28/1882, 1756th all time, played from 1905 to 1909

Carpenter becomes 9th Cardinal to hit 50 batters

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Chris Carpenter became the first pitcher born in New Hampshire to hit 85 batters in his career, achieving that total by hitting Fernando Martinez with a pitch yesterday. That plunk was also Carpenter’s 50th since joining the Cardinals. That makes him the 9th pitcher to hit 50 batters for that franchise, but he’s still 52 plunks behind Bob Gibson for the franchise record.

Corey Hart collected the 89th plunk for the Brewers this year, and his 11th of the year. The Brewers are 7-4 when Hart gets hit by a pitch, including their win yesterday. They’re 10-2 when Aramis Ramirez gets hit, and 9-2 when Ryan Braun takes a plunk.  But only Hart got hit for the Brewers yesterday.  Corey Hart is now up to 45 plunks for his career, which is 11 behind the record for players namEd Corey. Corey Koskie holds that record with 56.

John Lannan took a moment to enjoy his hobby of hitting Ryan Howard with pitches yesterday, plunking Howard for the 4th time in his career. Lannan has only hit 30 batters in his career, but 11 of them have been Phillies, and 4 were Ryan Howard.

The most plunked batters born on September 27th

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

79hbp – Mike Schmidt, born 09/27/1949, 157th all time, played from 1972 to 1989
26hbp – Jason Phillips, born 09/27/1976, 1144th all time, played from 2001 to 2007
25hbp – Johnny Pesky, born 09/27/1919, 1178th all time, played from 1942 to 1954
12hbp – Doug Baird, born 09/27/1891, 2186th all time, played from 1915 to 1920
12hbp – Joe Visner, born 09/27/1859, 2186th all time, played from 1885 to 1891

Edgmer Escalona throws 1200th plunk for Rockies

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Rockies pitcher Edgmer Escalona threw his first HBP as a major leaguer last night when he hit Josh Vitters of the Cubs. By doing that, Escalona became the 175th pitcher to throw a plunk for the Colorado Rockies, and that pitch was the 1200th plunk in Rockies history. Now that the Rockies are up to 1200 plunks, that means only 2.75% of the HBPs they’ve thrown in club history are ones that hit Craig Biggio. At the end of 2007 when Biggio retired, that number was 3.46%.

Carlos Pena picked up his 71st career plunk yesterday, extending his Rays record total to 51. That’s the 62nd plunk by a batter named Carlos this year, and that’s a new record for combined plunks by batters named Carlos in a season. Last year, batters named Carlos were hit 61 times. Carlos Quentin and Carlos Ruiz are both one plunk behind Prince Fielder for the major league lead with 16, and Pena is tied for 7th with 13 HBPs this year.

The most plunked batters born on September 26th

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

43hbp – Steve Buechele, born 09/26/1961, 540th all time, played from 1985 to 1995
28hbp – Dave Martinez, born 09/26/1964, 1049th all time, played from 1986 to 2001
16hbp – Rich Gedman, born 09/26/1959, 1756th all time, played from 1980 to 1992
15hbp – George Anderson, born 09/26/1889, 1860th all time, played from 1914 to 1918
14hbp – Dave Duncan, born 09/26/1945, 1962nd all time, played from 1964 to 1976


Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

I’m getting ready for the day when the backlash against the sabrmetric movement in baseball gets so strong that teams start evaluating players by astrology (You told us the Orioles couldn’t be good because they have a negative run differential! But they’re making the playoffs! I’m assuming this is statistically impossible. Because I’m not going to look up the 1987 Twins run differential when the won the world series, which was -20.) Though some might think they’d go to phrenology first before resorting to astrology, that approach is clearly skewed by steroid use.
Anyway, below are the all time HBP leader by astrological sign, along with the active leaders and single season record holders.

Jason Giambi – 175
Brady Anderson – 154
Carlton Fisk – 143
Nellie Fox – 142
Art Fletcher – 141
Active Leader: Giambi – 175
Single Season Record: 24 by Brady Anderson in 1999

Curt Welch – 173
Chet Lemon – 151
David Eckstein – 143
Melvin Mora – 117
Steve Evans – 111
Active Leader: Josh Willingham – 89
Single Season Record: 36 by Curt Welch in 1891

Ron Hunt – 243
Willie Keeler – 129
Honus Wagner – 125
Jeff Kent – 125
Jason LaRue – 107
Active Leader: Kevin Youkilis – 98
Single Season Record: 50 by Ron Hunt in 1971

Hughie Jennings – 287
Kid Elberfeld – 165
Fernando Vina – 157
John McGraw – 134
Scott Rolen – 127
Active Leader: Rolen – 127
Single Season Record: 51 by Hughie Jennings in 1896

Jose Guillen – 145
Dan Brouthers – 105
Andruw Jones – 97
Reggie Jackson – 96
Prince Fielder – 95
Active Leader: Jones – 97
Single Season Record: 24 by Dan Brouthers in 1891

Andres Galarraga – 178
Dummy Hoy – 134
Jeff Bagwell – 128
Miguel Tejada – 121
Manny Ramirez – 109
Active Leader: Travis Hafner – 84
Single Season Record: 25 by Andres Galarraga in 1998

Don Baylor – 267
Jason Kendall – 254
Dan McGann – 230
Carlos Delgado – 172
Derek Jeter – 163
Active Leader: Jeter – 163
Single Season Record: 39 by Dan McGann in 1898

Jake Beckley – 183
Alex Rodriguez – 166
Sherry Magee – 109
Wally Schang – 107
Barry Bonds – 106
Active Leader: Rodriguez – 166
Single Season Record: 22 by Shea Hillenbrand in 2005


Frank Robinson – 198
Frank Chance – 137
Nap Lajoie – 134
Steve Brodie – 132
Aaron Rowand – 126
Active Leader: Carlos Quentin – 113
Single Season Record: 28 by Pete Gilbert in 1891

Fred Clarke – 154
Brian Downing – 129
Frankie Crosetti – 114
Eddie Yost – 99
John Reilly – 94
Active Leader: Placido Polanco – 92
Single Season Record: 25 by Eddie Burke in 1893 and Fred Clarke in 1897

Tommy Tucker – 272
Gary Sheffield – 135
Damion Easley – 132
Jimmie Dykes – 115
Bucky Harris – 99
Active Leader: Adam Dunn – 76
Single Season Record: 33 by Tommy Tucker in 1889

Craig Biggio – 285
Minnie Minoso – 192
Chase Utley – 151
Larry Walker – 138
Reed Johnson – 119
Active Leader: Utley – 151
Single Season Record: 34 by Craig Biggio in 1997

Players with first names starting with Y get hit by 25 pitches

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Yan Gomes got hit by a pitch last night, extending his Brazilian plunk record to 3.  That was also the 25th plunk this year by a batter whose first initial is Y, and that’s the most ever in a single season for batters whose first names start with Y.  Batters with that first initial have only been hit 258 times in league history.  That plunk was also the 300th ever recorded in a game between the Orioles and Blue Jays, and the 151st to land on a Blue Jays batter in that matchup.   And, it was the 1800th plunk by a Blue Jay batter, against any team.  Also in that game, Nate McLouth got his 50th career plunk.

Fernando Martinez of the Astros got hit by Lance Lynn, and that was the 100th by a batter born in 1988.

Michael Young got hit by a pitch for the Rangers, breaking a streak of 839 consecutive plate appearances without a plunk.  His career rate now is a plunk every 381.5 plate appearances.  For comparison, Carlos Quentin has been hit once every 24.5 plate appearances.