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plunks go silent to honor Kendall’s retirement

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Jason Kendall officially retired yesterday, after a brief attempt at a comeback with the Royal’s double-A team. As a fitting tribute to Kendall’s legacy of getting hit by 254 pitches for 5 teams, those 5 teams did not get hit by any pitches last night. Kendall got hit 177 times for the Pirates, and 6 times for the Cubs, and those two teams took last night off from plunking each other as a tribute to Kendall. He got hit 35 times for Oakland, and Oakland remembered that by not getting hit by the Blue Jays last night. Another 30 times, Kendall got plunked for the Brewers, and despite being the most plunked team in the league this year, the Brewers took last night off from getting hit as a tip of the cap to Kendall. And his final team, the Royals, where he got his final 6 HBPs – they too resisted the urge to lean in to any pitches last night against the Angels.

In Seattle, Alex Rodriguez got his 165th career plunk and a broken hand, and Ichiro broke a streak of 1,463 plunkless plate appearances without a plunk. Felix Hernandez my have been expressing his feelings about Ichiro’s trade to the Yankees, when he he hit Ichiro with a pitch in the 7th inning, then hit Derek Jeter to lead of the 8th, and then broke Alex Rodriguez’s hand with a plunk two batters after hitting Jeter. Ichiro hadn’t been hit by a pitch since July 20, 2010. Arod’s plunk was the 165th of his career, tying him with Kid Elberfeld for 15th place on the all time list. Jeter’s was his 161st, and he’s in 17th place all time. (If Hernandez was throwing those plunks intentionally, Jeter was the only one he hit on the first pitch). Hernandez is now tied for the major league lead in hitting batters this year, with 10.

Carlos Quentin picked up plunk number 106 of his career, and his 9th of the season. He’s now tied with Barry Bonds on the all time plunk list, at 64th place.

Along with ARod, Adrian Beltre also had to leave the game after an HBP last night – he got hit in the head by Vicente Padilla. Padilla has now hit 108 batters in his career.

The most plunked batters born on July 25th

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

91hbp – Ed Sprague, born 07/25/1967, 100th all time, played from 1991 to 2001
48hbp – Kevin Kouzmanoff, born 07/25/1981, 440th all time, played from 2006 to 2011
19hbp – Whitey Lockman, born 07/25/1926, 1530th all time, played from 1945 to 1960
19hbp – Buddy Bradford, born 07/25/1944, 1530th all time, played from 1966 to 1976
7hbp – Mick Kelleher, born 07/25/1947, 2967th all time, played from 1972 to 1982
7hbp – Doug Drabek, born 07/25/1962, 2967th all time, played from 1986 to 1998