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Pierzynski for the 99th time

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

AJ Pierzynski collected career plunk number 99 yesterday, on a pitch from Texas pitcher Scott Feldman.  Along with leaving Pierzynski 1 plunk short of the 100 plunk club, that one was his 50th since joining the White Sox.  He’s the 13th player to get hit 50 times for the White Sox.

Carlos Pena improved his Rays record total to 46 plunks, and he’s now up to 8 plunks this season and 66 for his career.  He got hit by Yankees pitcher David Phelps.

Cubs pitcher Paul Maholm threw his 9th plunk of the season, hitting Freddy Freeman.  Maholm is tied with Gavin Floyd for the most hit batters in 2012.

Danny Espinosa got his 25th career plunk yesterday, and Elian Herrera became the 677th batter in Dodgers history to be hit by a pitch.

The most plunked batters born on July 5th

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

30hbp – Ward Miller, born 07/05/1884, 957th all time, played from 1909 to 1917
29hbp – Curt Blefary, born 07/05/1943, 1000th all time, played from 1965 to 1972
21hbp – Gary Matthews, born 07/05/1950, 1404th all time, played from 1972 to 1987
11hbp – Gordy Coleman, born 07/05/1934, 2308th all time, played from 1959 to 1967
5hbp – Jack Farrell, born 07/05/1857, 3494th all time, played from 1879 to 1889
5hbp – Beals Becker, born 07/05/1886, 3494th all time, played from 1908 to 1915
5hbp – Harry Aubrey, born 07/05/1881, 3494th all time, played from 1903 to 1903