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Paul Konerko collects plunk number 95

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Only 6 batters were hit by pitches in the majors yesterday, and 3 of them were White Sox. That was the first time the Twins hit three batters in a home game since July 6, 2011. Paul Konerko was among the plunkEd White Sox, picking up the 95th HBP of his career, and Kevin Youkilis picked up career plunk number 88, his 2nd as a White Sox.

Carlos Gomez got hit for the Brewers, making that his 24th overall and 10th as a Brewer. The Brewers lead the league with 59 HBPs this year.

The most plunked batters born on July 31st

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

53hbp – Larry Doyle, born 07/31/1886, 359th all time, played from 1907 to 1920
34hbp – Hank Bauer, born 07/31/1922, 809th all time, played from 1948 to 1961
33hbp – Joe Sugden, born 07/31/1870, 835th all time, played from 1893 to 1912
10hbp – Vic Davalillo, born 07/31/1936, 2458th all time, played from 1963 to 1980
10hbp – Billy Hitchcock, born 07/31/1916, 2458th all time, played from 1942 to 1953

2 HBAK – Harry Potter, born 07/31/1980

Aoki takes 7th, 2HBP lead in rookie race

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Gavin Floyd threw his 10th plunk of the season, hitting Craig Gentry last night. That put Floyd into a tie for the season lead in hitting batters with Carlos Zambrano, Felix Hernandez, Paul Maholm, Clay Buchholz, and Johnny Cueto. That’s a very crowded race for the 2012 hitting batters title, and we’re in for an exciting couple of months watching how that plays out.

In Milwaukee, Norichika Aoki was the third batter hit by a pitch in the game between the Brewers and the Nationals. That was Aoki’s 7th plunk of the season, giving him a 2 plunk lead over Quintin Berry and Steve Lombardozzi in the race for the most plunked rookie of the year. That HBP by Aoki was also the 666th plunk in Miller Park history. The Brewers are up to 58 plunks this season, with Corey Hart also taking one for the team yesterday.

The most plunked batters born on July 30th

Monday, July 30th, 2012

57hbp – Scott Fletcher, born 07/30/1958, 304th all time, played from 1981 to 1995
40hbp – Doug Rader, born 07/30/1944, 620th all time, played from 1967 to 1977
39hbp – Casey Stengel, born 07/30/1890, 649th all time, played from 1912 to 1925
29hbp – Pat Kelly, born 07/30/1944, 1001st all time, played from 1967 to 1981
24hbp – Frankie Pytlak, born 07/30/1908, 1225th all time, played from 1932 to 1946

Quentin 108, Weeks 104

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Carlos Quentin picked up his 108th career plunk and number 11 of his 2012 season yesterday, when Nathan Eovaldi hit him. That was the first time Quentin has been plunked by a pitcher with a last name that starts with E, and now he’s been hit by a pitch thrown by a pitcher with every last initial except I, K, U and X (but there’s still never been a major league players with X for a last initial). Quentin’s 108 career plunks tie him with Mo Vaughn and Bill Joyce for 59th place on the all time list, and Marlins Park is the 21st park Quentin has been plunked in. Quentin is tied for 40th on the Padres career HBP list, and tied for 264th in career plate appearance for the team.

Rickie Weeks was also hit by a pitch yesterday, giving him 104 for his career and 9 this year. That was also his 50th plunk at Miller Park – since 1969 only 10 other players have been hit by 50 pitches at a single ballpark (though Craig Biggio got hit over 50 times at 2 different parks). Derek Jeter and Chase Utley are the only other active batters with 50 plunks at one park, and Utley and Weeks are the active ones who have been hit 50 times at a park that’s still standing. Weeks now has sole possession of 68th place on the all time plunks list, and he’s tied for 4th in the 2012 plunk race with current teammate Ryan Braun, and former teammate Prince Fielder.

Also yesterday, Albert Pujols picked up plunk number 80 of his career, and Todd Helton got hit by a 98.6mph Aroldis Chapman pitch. That’s tied for the 5th fastest plunk this season. Chapman has hit three batters this season, and all three are among the 7 fastest this year.

(For those curious about who else has been hit 50 times at one ball park since 1969, Craig Biggio was hit 92 times at the Astrodome and 56 times at Minute Maid Park, Brady Anderson was hit 66 times at Camden Yards, Derek Jeter was hit 66 times at old Yankee Stadium, Chase Utley is up to 64 at Citizens Bank Park, Carlos Delgado got 61 at SkyDome aka Rogers Centre, Melvin Mora had 58 at Camden Yards, Larry Walker experienced 55 plunkings at Coors Field, Ron Hunt scored cinquante-quatre plunks at Parc Jarry in Montreal, Craig Wilson got hit 52 times at PNC Park, and Brian Downing had 50 and Angels Stadium.)

The most plunked batters born on July 29th

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

63hbp – Chief Meyers, born 07/29/1880, 257th all time, played from 1909 to 1917
48hbp – Luis Alicea, born 07/29/1965, 440th all time, played from 1988 to 2002
31hbp – Don Wert, born 07/29/1938, 915th all time, played from 1963 to 1971
28hbp – Dan Driessen, born 07/29/1951, 1041st all time, played from 1973 to 1987
26hbp – George Cutshaw, born 07/29/1887, 1141st all time, played from 1912 to 1923
26hbp – Felix Mantilla, born 07/29/1934, 1141st all time, played from 1956 to 1966

Kinsler ties Ballpark plunk record

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Ian Kinsler was plunked twice yesterday, by Chris Sale and Nathan Jones, giving him a career total of 30 plunks at Rangers Ballpark at Arlington. That ties him with Alex Rodriguez for the most HBPs at that park. Kinsler also moved up to 46 career plunks with the Rangers, moving him ahead of Mike Epstein into 3rd place on the Rangers career plunks list. Only Rafael Palmeiro (54) and Juan Gonzalez (53) have been hit more for the Rangers.

Red Sox reliever (term used very loosely) Mark Melancon became the first pitcher since August 25, 2006 to hit Eric Chavez with a pitch, when he plunked Chavez in the 8th inning yesterday. That broke a streak of 1093 plate appearances without a plunk. He joins Ichiro and Chipper Jones as the third batter in the last 7 days to break a plunkless streak of over 1000 plate appearances.

Paul Konerko picked up plunk number 94 for his career, moving closer to the 100 HBP milestone. He’s been hit 91 times since joining the White Sox, and that’s the AL Central division record.

Prince Fielder got his 87th, and his 9th of the season on a plunk from Carlos Villanueva. He’s 2nd in the American League this season, 2 plunks behind Josh Willingham.

The most plunked batters born on July 28th

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

19hbp – Ted Lepcio, born 07/28/1930, 1531st all time, played from 1952 to 1961
19hbp – Bob Wood, born 07/28/1865, 1531st all time, played from 1898 to 1905
18hbp – Elmer Miller, born 07/28/1890, 1590th all time, played from 1912 to 1922
13hbp – Freddie Fitzsimmons, born 07/28/1901, 2050th all time, played from 1925 to 1943
11hbp – Carmelo Martinez, born 07/28/1960, 2311st all time, played from 1983 to 1991

Rickie Weeks gets 103rd

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Rickie Weeks got hit by a pitch again yesterday, making it the 13th time in his career that he’s taken an HBP on two consecutive days.  His longest streak was August 28-30, 2007 when he got plunked on three consecutive days (with 4 total plunks).   Weeks has now been hit by 103 pitches in his career, which is tied for 68th on the all time list with Vladimir Guerrero and Tris Speaker.  That was also the 34th time Rickie Weeks scored a run after reaching base on an HBP, and Henry Rodriguez is the 84th pitcher to plunk Weeks.

James Shields hit another batter for the Rays yesterday, extending his franchise record total to 45.  If Shields could hit one more batter, the Rays could be tied with the Padres for the lowest record total for plunks thrown, instead of having the lowest record to themselves.  The Rays and Padres are the only modern franchises which haven’t had a pitcher hit 50 batters for them.

The most plunked batters born on July 27th

Friday, July 27th, 2012

165hbp – Alex Rodriguez, born 07/27/1975, 15th all time, played from 1994 to 2012
69hbp – Shea Hillenbrand, born 07/27/1975, 220th all time, played from 2001 to 2007
27hbp – Ray Boone, born 07/27/1923, 1092nd all time, played from 1948 to 1960
18hbp – Leo Durocher, born 07/27/1905, 1590th all time, played from 1925 to 1945
17hbp – Bump Wills, born 07/27/1952, 1658th all time, played from 1977 to 1982