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Willingham 7, Ruiz 8

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Josh Willingham got his 82nd career HBP last night, taking a plunking from Luis Mendoza. That moved Willingham into a tie for the top plunk getter in the majors with 7 for a short time last night. However, Carlos Ruiz broke the tie in the 9th inning of his game, collecting his 8th plunk of the season on a throw from Kenley Jansen.

Brett Wallace moved to the top of a different HBP leaderboard last night, taking the fastest moving plunk of the season. Jason Motte dialed up Gameday’s rader gun to 99.2 miles per hour on the pitch he hit Wallace with in Houston last night. The previous mark for the fastest plunk this year was an Aroldis Chapman pitch that hit Brett Pill after reaching 97.8mph. Not a good year to be named Brett I guess.

Mike Carp got hit by a pitch for the Mariners, snapping the Mariners streak of 17 games without an HBP. The Mariners have been hit 4 times this season. 13 players have been hit by more pitches this season than the Mariners entire team.

Colby Rasmus of the Blue Jays got hit by a pitch from Will Ohman of the White Sox, and that was the 100th time a Blue Jays batter has ever been plunked by the White Sox.

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The most plunked batters born on June 7th

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

42hbp – Thurman Munson, born 06/07/1947, 554th all time, played from 1969 to 1979
40hbp – Don Money, born 06/07/1947, 613rd all time, played from 1968 to 1983
14hbp – Chris Richard, born 06/07/1974, 1943rd all time, played from 2000 to 2009
13hbp – George Mitterwald, born 06/07/1945, 2038th all time, played from 1966 to 1977
13hbp – Phil Reccius, born 06/07/1862, 2038th all time, played from 1882 to 1890