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The 20 youngest plunk victims of the divisional play era

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

(below are the 20 youngest batters since 1969 to get hit by a pitch)

age batter date pitcher
1 18.57 Robin Yount (MIL) 04/11/1974 Milt Wilcox (CLE)
2 19.1 Mike Ivie (SDN) 09/14/1971 Scipio Spinks (HOU)
3 19.27 Adrian Beltre (LAN) 07/15/1998 Orel Hershiser (SFN)
4 19.29 Adrian Beltre (LAN) 07/22/1998 Jose Lima (HOU)
5 19.33 Cesar Cedeno (HOU) 06/24/1970 Ron Willis (SDN)
6 19.44 Adrian Beltre (LAN) 09/16/1998 Jamey Wright (COL)
7 19.55 Bryce Harper (WSH) 05/06/2012 Cole Hamels (PHI)
8 19.58 Cesar Cedeno (HOU) 09/23/1970 Clay Carroll (CIN)
9 19.64 Robin Yount (MIL) 05/06/1975 Joe Coleman (DET)
10 19.67 Ken Griffey (SEA) 07/22/1989 John Cerutti (TOR)
11 19.73 Rod Gilbreath (ATL) 06/17/1972 Ernie McAnally (MON)
12 19.78 Ken Griffey (SEA) 09/02/1989 Mike Boddicker (BOS)
13 19.79 Gilberto Reyes (LAN) 09/26/1983 Bruce Berenyi (CIN)
14 19.81 Jack Heidemann (CLE) 05/04/1969 Joe Coleman (WS2)
15 19.84 Fred Manrique (TOR) 09/06/1981 Lynn McGlothen (CHA)
16 19.87 Jose Oquendo (NYN) 05/17/1983 Mark Thurmond (SDN)
17 20.01 Adrian Beltre (LAN) 04/10/1999 Darryl Kile (COL)
18 20.02 Andres Blanco (KCA) 04/20/2004 JeriomE. Robertson (CLE)
19 20.04 Mike Trout (ANA) 08/20/2011 Kevin Gregg (BAL)
20 20.06 Aramis Ramirez (PIT) 07/17/1998 Javier Vazquez (MON)

Hafner tied Indians franchise record!!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Travis Hafner got plunked by the White Sox last night, his 11th against that team, and the 79th plunk of his career.   That ties Hafner with Napoleon Lajoie for the Indians franchise plunk record.  That record has stood since 1914, but Hafner has now tied it.  The White Sox have contributed more to that than any other team, with their 11 plunking of Hafner.  There are now 6 active players who hold at least a share of the plunk record and two more active players who hold the plunk record for a team they used to play for.  That was also the 44th time Hafner has been plunked at Progressive Field, extending his park record.

Reed Johnson also got plunked yesterday, bringing his career total to 115.  He’s now tied with Sherm Lollar and Jimmie Dykes for 48th place on the all time list.  Also in that game, David DeJesus got his 85th.

Carlos Zambrano hit two batters yesterday, for his 94th and 95th career plunks.  One of those was to fellow Venezuelan Jose Altuve, and it was the 1800th plunk to ever land on a Venezuelan.

The most plunked batters born on May 8th

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

105hbp – Dan Brouthers, born 05/08/1858, 65th all time, played from 1879 to 1904
53hbp – Edd Roush, born 05/08/1893, 355th all time, played from 1913 to 1931
27hbp – Adrian Gonzalez, born 05/08/1982, 1087th all time, played from 2004 to 2012
17hbp – Steve Braun, born 05/08/1948, 1652nd all time, played from 1971 to 1985
10hbp – Todd Greene, born 05/08/1971, 2443rd all time, played from 1996 to 2006