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Gomes plunks Gomes

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Brandon Gomes hit Johnny Gomes with a pitch last night, making that the 37th time in the divisional play era that a batter has been plunked by a pitcher with the same last name.  But, it was the first ever instance of a Gomes hitting a Gomes.

Also, in other name matching action, Mark Ellis and AJ Ellis both got plunked for the A’s last night, and Robbie Ross and Tyson Ross both hit batters (not in the same game, but it was the first career plunk for each).

Jonny Gomes plunk was his 28th at Tropicana Field, extending his park record even though he was just visiting last night.

Josh Willingham got his 80th career plunk on pitch from Steve Delabar.  He’s the 152nd player in major league history to get hit by 80 pitches.

Along with Robbie and Tyson Ross, Rafael Dol

The most plunked batters born on May 5th

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

54hbp – Mike Redmond, born 05/05/1971, 341st all time, played from 1998 to 2010
39hbp – Larry Hisle, born 05/05/1947, 640th all time, played from 1968 to 1982
25hbp – Keith Ginter, born 05/05/1976, 1167th all time, played from 2000 to 2005
22hbp – Jose Pagan, born 05/05/1935, 1318th all time, played from 1959 to 1973
21hbp – Paul Cook, born 05/05/1863, 1400th all time, played from 1884 to 1891