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4500th plunk in White Sox History

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Gordon Beckham got hit by a pitch in the first inning of the Rays-White Sox game, and that pitch was the historic 4500th plunk in White Sox franchise history. They’re the first American League team to reach that total, and the 6th franchise overall. Congratulations on that historic achievement, White Sox.

Yesterday I mentioned that the group of people who might wish to hit Alex Rodriguez with a pitch might be larger than the 131 pitchers who had already hit him. Ervin Santana moved from one group to the other last night, becoming the 132nd pitcher to plunk Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez now has 162 plunks, one for each game in a standard regular season schedule. He needs 3 more to tie former Yankee Kid Elberfeld for 15th place on the all time list. That was his 90th plunk as a Yankee, and that makes the Yankees the first franchise to have 4 different players get hit 90 times for them. (Unless we’re allowed to divide Craig Biggio into 3 different Astros who got hit 95 times each.)
For Ervin Santana, it was his 69th career plunk, which is just 4 less than John Lackey‘s franchise record total of 73 for the Angels.

Martin Maldonado nearly made it 10 plate appearances into his major league career before getting hit by a pitch, but he got his in his 9th career trip to the plate. That gave him the honor of being the 250th batter ever to take a plunk for the Brewers franchise. The Brewers are back in the major league lead with 31 plunks this season.

AJ Pierzynski got his 98th career plunk last night, putting him high on the list of likely candidates to become the next member of the 100 plunk club. (Rickie Weeks is also sitting at 98 plunks, and Carlos Quentin is playing again with 97. Juan Pierre has 96.)

Cleveland rookie Scott Barnes made his major league debut yesterday and hit Alex Gordon with a pitch. Gordon was just the 2nd batter Barnes faced.

The most plunked batters born on May 31st

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

32hbp – Kenny Lofton, born 05/31/1967, 871st all time, played from 1991 to 2007
23hbp – Joe Orsulak, born 05/31/1962, 1273rd all time, played from 1983 to 1997
16hbp – Dave Roberts, born 05/31/1972, 1747th all time, played from 1999 to 2008
3hbp – Jake Peavy, born 05/31/1981, 4204th all time, played from 2002 to 2012
2hbp – Larry Owen, born 05/31/1955, 4766th all time, played from 1981 to 1988
2hbp – Jeff Schaefer, born 05/31/1960, 4766th all time, played from 1989 to 1994

Alex Rodriguez plunked 161 times

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Ernesto Frieri joined the “Pitchers Who Have Plunked Alex Rodriguez” club as the 131st member last night, throwing Rodriguez’s 161st career plunk. 89 of those 161 have occurred since Rodriguez joined the Yankees, and that’s the 4th most in team history. Rodriguez is now 4 plunks behind Kid Elberfeld for 15th place on the all time HBP list. (I suspect the “Pitchers who have thought about plunking Alex Rodriguez” club is much larger.)

Quintin Berry got his first major league plunk last night, making him the 530th batter ever plunked for the Tigers. Cole DeVries became the 485th pitcher in Twins history to hit a batter, and Jared Hughes became the 586th Pirate to hit a batter.

Ricky Romero threw his 35th career plunk for the Blue Jays, hitting Matt Weiters. That’s enough to put Romero into a tie for 5th place on the Blue Jays all time list, even with Chris Carpenter.

The most plunked batters born on May 30th

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

109hbp – Manny Ramirez, born 05/30/1972, 57th all time, played from 1993 to 2011
45hbp – Rube Oldring, born 05/30/1884, 493rd all time, played from 1905 to 1918
20hbp – Mike Donlin, born 05/30/1878, 1462nd all time, played from 1899 to 1914
6hbp – Amos Rusie, born 05/30/1871, 3198th all time, played from 1889 to 1901
5hbp – Charlie Frank, born 05/30/1870, 3484th all time, played from 1893 to 1894

92 plunks for Aramis Ramirez (not in one game)

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Ronald Belisario hit Aramis Ramirez last night, moving Ramirez a step closer to the 100 plunk club with his 92nd career plunk. That was the 30th this year for the Brewers, putting them back in a tie with the Rays for the major league lead in getting hit by pitches.

Also yesterday, Tommy Hanson threw his 25th career plunk hitting Matt Holliday. Holliday is up to 73 career plunks.

The Rockies hit the Astros in both games of their double-header yesterday, bringing the all time total of plunks recorded in Astros-Rockies games to 150. The Astros have been in the batters box for 97 of those.

Scott Diamond of the Twins hit a batter for the first time as a major leaguer, and that makes him the 44th pitcher born in Ontario to hit a batter.

The most plunked batters born on May 29th

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

82hbp – Jerry Hairston Jr., born 05/29/1976, 141st all time, played from 1998 to 2012
33hbp – Eric Davis, born 05/29/1962, 833rd all time, played from 1984 to 2001
25hbp – John Kennedy, born 05/29/1941, 1171st all time, played from 1962 to 1974
21hbp – Charlie Hayes, born 05/29/1965, 1403rd all time, played from 1988 to 2001
20hbp – Dave Fultz, born 05/29/1875, 1462nd all time, played from 1898 to 1905

Indians and White Sox hit each other 6 times

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Gavin Floyd hit 3 Indians yesterday, including Casey Kotchman’s 39th plunk, and Hector Santiago threw Kotchman’s 40th plunk, but the Indians got in two return plunks bringing the games total to 6. That’s a pretty good game. Floyd now leads the majors with 8 hit batters – no other pitcher has hit more than 6.

Hanley Ramirez joined Kotchman in getting his 40th plunk yesterday, with Ramirez getting his from Matt Cain.

Jamie Moyer threw his 146th career plunk, hitting Reds pitcher Mat Latos. That makes him the oldest pitcher ever to plunk the opposing pitcher. But then, most of what Jamie Moyer does makes him the oldest pitcher to do that thing he did.

The most plunked batters born on May 28th

Monday, May 28th, 2012

61 hbp – Kirk Gibson, born 05/28/1957, 275th all time, played from 1979 to 1995
24 hbp – Jhonny Peralta, born 05/28/1982, 1220th all time, played from 2003 to 2012
19 hbp – Mike Difelice, born 05/28/1969, 1525th all time, played from 1996 to 2008
10 hbp – Bill Doran, born 05/28/1958, 2448th all time, played from 1982 to 1993
8 hbp – Bill Barrett, born 05/28/1900, 2773rd all time, played from 1921 to 1930

Pirates win on walkoff plunk

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Matt Hague had never been hit by a major league pitch before, but he knew what to do when the bases were loaded in the bottom of the ninth yesterday, taking the rbi plunk for the walkoff win. He’s the first person to get his 1st career plunk on a game winner since Rey Sanchez on July 8, 1992. Sanchez was playing for the Cubs, and it was the Cubs Rafael Dolis who hit Hague. That was the 2nd bases loaded plunk of his career. The Pirates haven’t won a game on a walkoff plunk since April 15, 1997 when Tony Womack took the game winner.

Derek Jeter also got hit by a pitch with the bases loaded yesterday, but it was probably more out of habit than necessity. The Yankees were already winning 6-2 in the 8th. That was Jeter’s 3rd career rbi plunk, and his 159th overall, but only his first of the 2012 season. He’s in 17th place on the all time list for career plunks.

Ian Kinsler picked up his 25th plunk at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, making him just the 2nd player to get hit that many times at that park. Alex Rodriguez holds the park record with 30.

The most plunked batters born on May 27th

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

128hbp – Jeff Bagwell, born 05/27/1968, 40th all time, played from 1991 to 2005
87hbp – Frank Thomas, born 05/27/1968, 118th all time, played from 1990 to 2008
50hbp – John Jaha, born 05/27/1966, 399th all time, played from 1992 to 2001
34hbp – Todd Hundley, born 05/27/1969, 805th all time, played from 1990 to 2003
22hbp – Pinky Higgins, born 05/27/1909, 1319th all time, played from 1930 to 1946