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Brewers get 1900th

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

The Milwaukee Brewers continued to stay hot in the HBP column last night, extending their league leading plunk total to 13.  Alex Gonzalez got plunk number 78 of his career on Jake Westbrook‘s 51st plunk, and Nyjer Morgan recorded the 39th of his career on the 40th plunk ever issued by JC Romero.  Gonzalez’s plunk was the 1,900 in Brewers franchise history, so the Brewers franchise now stands at 1.901 kiloplunks.

Joe Mauer doesn’t get hit by a lot of pitches, but last night’s plunk from Jose Mirajes was Mauer’s 6th at Target Field.  No other player has been plunked more than 3 times at the Twins new park.  Mauer has a career total now of 16 HBPs.

Carlos Zambrano extended his Venezuelan hit batters record to 93 last night, hitting Justin Upton, and moving a step closer to the 100 plunk club.

Jonathan Herrara took a plunk for the Rockies in yesterday’s game, making that the 4th straight game in which a Rockies batter has been hit by a pitch.  The Rockies have gotten to 5 consecutive games with a plunk 3 times in team history, but they’ve never been hit in 6 consecutive games.

The most plunked batters born on April 28th

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

55hbp – Barry Larkin, born 04/28/1964, 327th all time, played from 1986 to 2004
12hbp – Jackie Brandt, born 04/28/1934, 2158th all time, played from 1956 to 1967
9hbp – David Freese, born 04/28/1983, 2596th all time, played from 2009 to 2012
7hbp – Luis Quinones, born 04/28/1962, 2946th all time, played from 1983 to 1992
4hbp – Red Lucas, born 04/28/1902, 3780th all time, played from 1923 to 1938
4hbp – Mike Chartak, born 04/28/1916, 3780th all time, played from 1940 to 1944
4hbp – Russ Morman, born 04/28/1962, 3780th all time, played from 1986 to 1997