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Youkilis breaks Fenway plunk record!

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

On Friday, Kevin Youkilis recorded his 45th HBP at Fenway Park, on the 100th Anniversary of the park.  That was a nice moment but it would have been even better if he got one more and broke the record.  Well, a day later the Yankees helped him finish his ascent to sole possession of the Fenway Park record.  David Phelps plunked Youkilis in the 3rd inning of yesterday’s game giving him 46 career plunks at Fenway, breaking Carlton Fisk‘s park record.  It was Phelps first major league plunk, and he made it a historic one.  Youkilis leads all active batters with 14 plunks against the Yankees.

James Shields threw his 40th career plunk yesterday, hitting Josh Willingham.  He’s the 3rd pitcher to hit 40 batters for the Rays, and he needs to hit just 4 more to break Victor Zambrano‘s record for most plunks in Rays franchise history.  Willingham’s plunk was his 78th.

The most plunked batters born on April 22nd (are named Mickey)

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

56hbp – Mickey Morandini, born 04/22/1966, 315th all time, played from 1990 to 2000
49hbp – Mickey Vernon, born 04/22/1918, 417th all time, played from 1939 to 1960
33hbp – Taylor Douthit, born 04/22/1901, 828th all time, played from 1923 to 1933
17hbp – Lew Riggs, born 04/22/1910, 1648th all time, played from 1934 to 1946
17hbp – John Orsino, born 04/22/1938, 1648th all time, played from 1961 to 1967