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Shoppach gets 3rd of the year

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Kelly Shoppach has only played in 4 games this year, but he’s now tied for the league lead in HBP after getting his 3rd in yesterdays game. David Price threw the pitch that hit Shoppach, and that was the 20th plunk of Price’s career. For Shoppach it was his 49th.

Josh Willingham got his 77th career plunk, and Marlon Byrd took number 72 of his career.

We’ve had 75 HBPs so far this year, but none of them have landed on the Braves, Phillies, Astros, or Angels, and none have been thrown by the Braves or A’s.

The most plunked batters born on April 14th

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

107hbp – Pete Rose, born 04/14/1941, 61st all time, played from 1963 to 1986
69hbp – Brad Ausmus, born 04/14/1969, 218th all time, played from 1993 to 2010
29hbp – Gregg Zaun, born 04/14/1971, 995th all time, played from 1995 to 2010
18hbp – David Justice, born 04/14/1966, 1584th all time, played from 1989 to 2002
17hbp – Marty Keough, born 04/14/1935, 1647th all time, played from 1956 to 1966