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2011 Award for most plunks in a park named after Beer

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

It’s that time again – time to award the baseball season’s most coveted award – the Most Plunks in a park named after Beer award! And this year’s winner, for the 2nd consecutive season, is – Rickie Weeks! Rickie only got hit 8 times this season, but they were all at home at Miller Park, and 8 was enough this year to win the Beer Park HBP title. Prince Fielder had 5 HBPs at parks named for beer, and Matt Holiday, Jon Jay, Ryan Braun and Carlos Gonzalez had 4 each – so I guess they all get beer park bronze medals. Only 134 batters were hit by pitches at parks named for beer this year, well below last year’s total of 166.

On the pitching side, Randy Wolf wins the award for most plunks thrown at parks named after beer, with 9. Jason Hammel was the runner up with 5, despite playing for the Astros, whose home park is named after Orange Juice. Jason Motte, who I believe is named after applesauce, hit 4 batters at beer parks while playing for the Cubs who play at Wrigley, which is named after a person, not a gum. Tim Hudson and Ubaldo Jimenez also hit 4 batters at parks named for beer.

1553! Four more plunks than last year!

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

League wide plunk rates had been falling since 2006 – and if it kept going another year I was worried that sometime in the next two centuries the league would become entirely plunk free. But worry not – 1553 batters were plunked in 2011, up 4 HBPs from 2010’s total of 1549. So plunks aren’t going extinct! I hope. Also, only 662 pitchers were used this year, which is only the third most ever after the 666 pitchers used in 2007 and the 664 pitchers used in 664. So, it might not be the case that 15 or 20 years from now it will take so many pitchers to get through a major league season that you will have to pitch.

Sean Rodriguez got plunked with the bases loaded during the Rays ridiculous season saving comeback from a 7-0 deficit, giving Rodriguez 18 plunks for the season. That’s the new record plunks in a single season for the Rays. Hopefully Rodriguez will have another strong season next year and be able to break his own record. 41 bases loaded plunks occurred in 2011, but Chris Iannetta was the only one to do it twice.

Neither Danny Espinosa nor Justin Upton got plunked yesterday, meaning they’ve finished the season tied for the NL lead in HBPs.

Johnny Damon got his 50th career plunk last night, Ted Lilly threw his 60th, and Ryan Howard got his 40th. Howard is the 21st player to get hit 40 times for the Phillies.

The Mets did not hit anybody yesterday, so they only tied their best season ever for hitting batters.

More coming soon in the annual Awards post.

FINAL BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .850
Jose Reyes – .823
Robinson Cano – .822
Miguel Cabrera – .820
Ryan Braun – .814