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Wakefield hits 30th Blue Jay

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Tim Wakefield finally got his 200th win last night, but more importantly, he hit a Blue Jay batter with a pitch for the 30th time in his career. Overall, Wakefield has hit 185 batters now, and that ties him for 7th place on the all time hit batters list with. But hitting the same team 30 times – that’s not a record, but it hasn’t been done by any other player who started his career after 1920. Don Drysdale hit 27 Braves, but he played in a National League with only 7 other teams. The last person to hit 30 batters from the same team was probably Walter Johnson – full career splits aren’t available for him, but he only pitched against 7 teams and he hit 205 batters, so math tells us that he had to have hit some of those teams 30 times (because if he hit all 7 other teams 29 times each, that would only be 203 plunks). So congratulations Tim Wakefield, for hitting 30 Blue Jays. We might never again see someone do that. Wake is responsible for 1.7% of all the plunks Blue Jays batters have taken in franchise history.

Kevin Youkilis also got hit by a pitch in that game, giving him 44 HBPs at Fenway Park. He’s only one HBP behind Carlton Fisk for the park record at Fenway. Fisk got hit 45 times in Boston. That was also the third plunk Youkilis has taken from Brandon Morrow this year, so that matchup joins Lilly vs Montero and Blackburn vs Quentin among pitchers-batter matchups that have produced 3 HBPs this year.

AJ Burnett threw his 97th and 98th career plunks, moving up to 87th place on the all time list.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .840
Robinson Cano – .828
Ryan Braun – .820
Miguel Cabrera – .816
Jose Reyes – 815