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Lackey hits 100th batter

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Prior to yesterday, there were only 3 active pitchers who had hit 100 batters in their career. And none of the three was very active. Vicente Padilla (106 hit batters) counts as one of those three, but he’s only worked 8.2 innings this year and hasn’t hit anyone. Jamey Wright (140 hit batters) has thrown 61 innings in 54 appearances, but only hit 3 batters. Tim Wakefield (181 hit batters) has had 19 starts and 10 relief appearances but only hit 4 batters. But, John Lackey hit Josh Hamilton with a pitch yesterday giving him 100 career HBPs and adding a new member to the 100 plunk club. He’s the 83rd pitcher in major league history to hit 100 batters, and he’s the only pitcher born after 1977 to hit that many. Since Lackey joined the league in 2002, only Padilla has hit more batters (105 since that year), but it’s not out of the question that Lackey will exceed that total by the end of this year.
For the season, Lackey leads both leagues with 18 hit batters. The Red Sox single season record for hitting batters is 20, by Howard Ehmke in 1923 and Bronson Arroyo in 2004.