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BACON race update

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

It’s September, which means we’re in the home stretch for various important races, like the one to see who will be the 2011 BACON champion.

It’s really anybody’s race in both leagues with just .006 of a BACON separating Robinson Cano from Jacoby Ellsbury.  These things can change a lot within the course of a month – last year Ichiro trailed Adrian Beltre by .025 in the BACON race, but finished the season with the BACON title, while Beltre fell to 4th.

Batter BACON AB HBP 0 hit games
Robinson Cano .831 528 10 26
Jacoby Ellsbury .825 543 8 27
Ryan Braun .818 468 4 25
Miguel Cabrera .813 486 3 29
Shane Victorino .810 411 6 23
Jose Reyes .804 445 0 22
Hunter Pence .800 506 1 28
Michael Young .798 540 2 31
Joey Votto .796 496 4 36
Michael Bourn .795 541 3 30

As usual, you can keep up to date with the season BACON statistics every day on the BACON page here, but keep in mind that those standings include more than just the “qualified” players. To qualify for things like the batting title, and the BACON title, a player needs at least 3.1 plate appearance per game his team has played.

Wright throws 140th

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Jamey Wright hit Mike Trout with a pitch last night, and that gives him a career total of 140 batters. Only 27 pitchers have made it to the 140 plunk mark in their major league career. He moved ahead of Kevin Brown and Red Ehret on the all time list, and is one plunk behind Pedro Martinez. Only two pitchers have hit Mike Trout, but somehow being one of the two pitchers who have plunked Mike Trout sounds less impressive than being one of 27 players who have hit 140 batters. 28 players have 3000 career hits, but only 27 have hit 140 batters. (27 is also the exact number of batters who have been hit by 140 pitches.)
Wrights plunk to Trout was also the 300th ever recorded in a game between the Angels and Mariners.

In Boston, the Red Sox hit the Yankees some more times, featuring Alfredo Aceves giving Mark Teixeira his 89th career plunk, and welcoming Jesus Montero to the majors with his first HBP. The Red Sox have now hit the Yankees 18 times this year, and that ties the Live Ball Era record for hitting Yankees in a season. Since 1920, the only other team to hit 18 Yankees in a season was the 2004 Red Sox. Only 6 teams since 1920 have hit another team 18 or more times in a season, and the Red Sox are three of them, with those two season with 18+ against the Yankees, and their 1923 season when they hit Ty Cobb‘s Tigers 20 times. In 2008 when the Indians broke the American League record for getting hit by pitches, the Tigers hit them 21 times. The Red Sox have three more games against the Yankees to try to top that later this month.