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Utley gets 139th; White Sox break franchise plunks record

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Chase Utley has now been hit by exactly as many pitches as Chuck Knoblauch was in his career, after Ross Detweiler threw Utley’s 139th career plunk last night. Those two second basemen are tied at 28th place on the all time plunks list, one behind Bill Dahlen, who played back when nickels used to have bees on them and they’d used to say “gimme 5 bees for a nickle” and tie an onion to their belts. But anyway, Utley has 14 on the season, but he’s still 4 plunks behind the NL leaders so it looks like this won’t be the year Utley collects his 4th HBP title.

Paul Konerko, Gordon Beckham, and Alexei Ramirez (twice) all got plunked for the White Sox yesterday bringing the season total for their team to 82. Previously, the White Sox had never been hit by more than 79 pitches in a season so they blew past that record yesterday. They’re the first team to get hit 82 times since 2008 when the Indians set the American League record with 103 plunks.

Red Sox pitcher Matt Albers hit Nolan Reimold, making that the 88th HBP thrown by the Red Sox this year. They need to hit 6 more batters to break their franchise single season record for hitting people.

And Ian Desmond got hit by a pitch yesterday, and it was his birthday. He’s just the 2nd batter this season to get plunked on his birthday, joining Jayson Werth.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .842
Robsinson Cano – .826
Ryan Braun – .821
Jose Reyes – .814
Miguel Cabrera – .810

Nyjer Morgan breaks Nyjer Morgan era record for plunks by Nyjer Morgan

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Only two batters got hit by a pitch yesterday – Nyjer Morgan and Nick Markakis. Morgan’s was his 14th of the season, and that’s his career high. It’s also tied for the 4th most plunks in a season by anyone with a first name that starts with an N. And, it’s the most plunks in a season by anyone with a J in his first name without his name starting with a J (unless you count the time AJ Pierzynski had 15).

Red Sox pitcher Kyle Weiland threw the pitch that hit Nick Markakis, and that was the 87th batter the Red Sox have hit this year. This is the 9th time since 2001 that a team has hit 87 batters or more in a season, and 4 of those teams have been the Red Sox. Between 1901 and 2000, no team hit more than 84 batters in a season.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .841
Robinson Cano – .825
Ryan Braun – .823
Jose Reyes – .813
Miguel Cabrera – .809

1000 HBPs for Coors Field – Upton Ties Dbacks record

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Rockies Rookie Jordan Pacheco took an otherwise barely notable 91.2 mph plunk from Matt Cain in the 1st inning of yesterday’s game with the Giants, but close followers of HBPs will know that that plunk was the 1000th HBP ever recorded in Coors Field. It was also the first of Pacheco’s career, but more importantly it was the 1000th HBP in Coors Field History. Congratulations Coors Field, for having 1000 batters plunked at your fine ballpark.

Justin Upton reclaimed a share of the NL plunk race lead and tied the Diamondbacks single season record by getting his 18th plunk of the season on a pitch from Erik Hamren. Andy Fox is the only other Dback to get hit 18 times in a season, and that record has stood since the team’s first year of existence in 1998. Upton is tied with Danny Espinosa for 2011 HBPs in the National League.

Sean Rodriguez got his 16th plunk of the year, extending his Rays franchise record for single season plunks. That was also the 186th plunk ever thrown by Tim Wakefield. Wakefield now has 7th place on the all time list all to himself, moving ahead of Tony Mullane. If you don’t remember Tony Mullane, ask your great great great grandfather about him.

In Cleveland, Matt Tolbert of the Twins got hit by Vinnie Pestano of the Indians, and that was the 4000 HBPs ever thrown by the Indians.

BACON Race Update
Jacoby Ellsbury – .838
Ryan Braun – .826
Robinson Cano – .824
Jose Reyes – .813
Miguel Cabrera – .809

138th HBP for Chase Utley

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Chase Utley had been hit by 137 pitches before yesterday but he’d never been hit by anyone with two Zs in his last name. But yesterday, Marc Rzepczynski plunked Utley giving him 138 career plunks. That’s as many as Canadian plunk record holder Larry Walker had in his career, and Utley and Walker are tied for 29th place on the all time list for career HBPs. If you add up the Zs in the last names of all the pitchers who have plunked Chase Utley you get 21, but that includes Oliver Perez‘s Z 3 times and Jonathan Sanchez‘s Z twice. That’s actually one more Z then you’ll find in the last names of the pitchers who threw all 285 of Craig Biggio‘s HBPs. The pitchers who hit Carlos Delgado had 31 Zs in there names though.

Utley has 13 HBPs this season, but so does Nyjer Morgan now that Edinson Volquez hit him yesterday. Volquez’s name only has one Z in it though. That was only the 5th time in his career he’s been hit by a pitcher with a Z in his name, but 13 HBPs in a season for Morgan is pretty good, and it’s his career high. Morgan is only the 5th player whose first name starts with an N to get hit by 13 pitches in a season. Nellie Fox holds the record with 17, but Nap Lajoie, Nick Johnson and Norm Cash all had 13 plunk season at least once.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .837
Robinson Cano – .828
Ryan Braun – .824
Miguel Cabrera – .814
Jose Reyes – .814

Randy Wolf hits 95

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Batters, not miles per hour. Wolf hit his 13th batter of the year, keeping him within striking distance of the NL leaders for the Phil Knell award (for the pitcher who hits the most batters) this season. He hit Jay Bruce yesterday, and now has 95 career plunks. He joins Dave Bush, Jamey Wright and Pete Broberg as the only pitchers who have hit 13 batters in a season for the Brewers. Bush and Wright did it twice, and actually all those guys were over 15 HBPs. Wolf is tied for 10th in hit batters during the Randy Wolf Era (1999 to present). He’s tied with Pedro Martinez and Jamie Moyer for plunks thrown in that span of years.

Johnny Damon got his 49th HBP last night on a throw from Josh Beckett, and was controversially denied his 50th as well. He would have become the 416 major leaguer to get hit 50 times, but that milestone will have to wait at least another day because he got hit while trying to check his swing with 2 strikes and the third base umpire called it a swing. So, Damon only has 49 HBPs. The Red Sox have hit 85 batters this year leaving them 8 hit batters away from their single season record.

In Colorado, Alex White of the Rockies hit Giants catcher Chris Stewart, and that was the 999th plunk ever recorded at Coors Field.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .836
Robinson Cano – .831
Ryan Braun – .823
Jose Reyes – .819
Miguel Cabrera – .818

18 for Espinosa!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Prior to yesterday, if you wanted to find a rookie who got hit by 18 pitches in a season in the National League, you’d have to go back to 1956 when a rookie named Frank Robinson took 20 plunks for the Reds.  But now Danny Espinosa is such a rookie.  DJ Carrasco hit him in the 6th inning yesterday for Espinosa’s 18th of the season.  He leads the NL in HBP by one plunk over Justin Upton, and he’s just the 4th National Leaguer and the 11th player ever to get 18 plunks in a season as a rookie.
From Carrasco’s perspective, that was the 67th time the Mets have hit a batter this season – just three away from their single season record of 70 set in 2008.

Alex Rios took an HBP for the White Sox last night, giving the team 78 HBPs for the season. They’re one plunk away from tying the franchise record for plunks in a season. The White Sox got hit 79 times in 2005 and tied that total in 2010.

BACON race update
Jacoby Ellsbury – .835
Robinson Cano – .830
Ryan Braun – .821
Miguel Cabrera – .818
Jose Reyes – .817

Lackey hits 19th of the season

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

John Lackey struck again last night, striking Brett Lawrie with a pitch for his 19th hit batter of the season. He’s the 10th player in the 21st century to hit 19 batters. No other pitcher has hit more than 14 batters this year so Lackey has a commanding lead in the race for the AL Phil Knell Award, and the overall major league hit batters title for 2011. That was the 101st plunk Lackey has ever thrown in the Majors.

There are only three active pitchers who have hit more batters than Lackey, and one of them also hit a batter last night. Jamey Wright threw his 142nd career plunk, moving him into a tie for 24th place on the all time list with Frank Foreman. He hit Andruw Jones, who is also no stranger to plunks as that was the 92nd of his career. Wright has now personally plunked Andruw Jones 3 times in his career, but only once this year. That’s only the 2nd hbp this season where both the batter and the pitcher had over 90 career HBPs.

Reed Johnson also took another HBP yesterday, for a career total of 113. He’s 52nd on the all time plunks list, and he’s either 9th or 7th among active players, depending on whether you’re counting Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand as active right now.

Robinson Cano got his 40th career plunk last night, making him the 18th player to get hit that many times for the Yankees.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .841
Robinson Cano – .830
Ryan Braun – .821
Miguel Cabrera – .817
Jose Reyes – .817

Wakefield hits 30th Blue Jay

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Tim Wakefield finally got his 200th win last night, but more importantly, he hit a Blue Jay batter with a pitch for the 30th time in his career. Overall, Wakefield has hit 185 batters now, and that ties him for 7th place on the all time hit batters list with. But hitting the same team 30 times – that’s not a record, but it hasn’t been done by any other player who started his career after 1920. Don Drysdale hit 27 Braves, but he played in a National League with only 7 other teams. The last person to hit 30 batters from the same team was probably Walter Johnson – full career splits aren’t available for him, but he only pitched against 7 teams and he hit 205 batters, so math tells us that he had to have hit some of those teams 30 times (because if he hit all 7 other teams 29 times each, that would only be 203 plunks). So congratulations Tim Wakefield, for hitting 30 Blue Jays. We might never again see someone do that. Wake is responsible for 1.7% of all the plunks Blue Jays batters have taken in franchise history.

Kevin Youkilis also got hit by a pitch in that game, giving him 44 HBPs at Fenway Park. He’s only one HBP behind Carlton Fisk for the park record at Fenway. Fisk got hit 45 times in Boston. That was also the third plunk Youkilis has taken from Brandon Morrow this year, so that matchup joins Lilly vs Montero and Blackburn vs Quentin among pitchers-batter matchups that have produced 3 HBPs this year.

AJ Burnett threw his 97th and 98th career plunks, moving up to 87th place on the all time list.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .840
Robinson Cano – .828
Ryan Braun – .820
Miguel Cabrera – .816
Jose Reyes – 815

single season HBP records by team

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Last weekend Sean Rodriguez broke the single season HBP record, and if you can believe it, they didn’t stop the game to give him the ball or hold a short ceremony honoring the achievement. Same with Justin Upton last week when he became the first right-handed Diamondback to get hit by 17 pitches. It’s an outrage. It’s a scandal. At least it would be if anyone but me had noticed. I’m assuming the problem is that people just haven’t taken the time to look up all the single season HBP records for each team, broken down by left handed batters, right handed batters and switch hitters. Don’t worry about it. I did the work for you. Just make sure to properly honor Maicer Izturis if he gets one more plunk this year, making him the single season record holder for Angels switch hitters.

Team Left Handed Batters Right Handed Batters Switch Hitters
Angels 15
Brad Fullmer (2002)
David Eckstein (2002)
Luis Alicea (1997), Dave Hollins (1997), Maicer Izturis (2011)
Dbacks 18
Andy Fox (1998)
Justin Upton (2011)
Augie Ojeda (2008)
Braves 14
Dan Brouthers (1889)
Andres Galarraga (1998)
Tommy Tucker (1891)
Orioles 24
Brady Anderson (1999)
Bobby Grich (1974), Melvin Mora (2002)
Don Buford (1970), Jimmy Austin (1913)
Red Sox 14
Mo Vaughn (1995, 1996)
Don Baylor (1986)
Carl Everett (2001)
Cubs 11
Dick Harley (1903), Billy Maloney (1905)
Bill Dahlen (1898)
Cliff Carroll (1891)
White Sox 21
Juan Pierre (2010)
Minnie Minoso (1956), Carlos Quentin (2011)
Buck Weaver (1916)
Reds 15
Bobby Tolan (1969), Ival Goodman (1938)
Jason LaRue (2004)
Pete Rose (1975)
Indians 17

Shin-Soo Choo (2009), Travis Hafner (2004), Grady Sizemore (2007)

Ryan Garko (2007)
Carlos Baerga (1992)
Rockies 14
Larry Walker (1995, 1997, 2001)
Eric Young (1996)
Walt Weiss (1996)
Tigers 17
Heinie Manush (1923)
Bill Freehan (1968)
Dmitri Young (2003)
Marlins 17
Carlos Delgado (2005)
Josh Willingham (2007)
Bret Barberie (1994), Quilvio Veras (1995)
Astros 10
Nellie Fox (1964), Luis Gonzalez (1993)
Craig Biggio (1997)
Lance Berkman (2001)
Royals 23
David DeJesus (2007)
Angel Berroa (2003), Mike Macfarlane (1994)
Willie Wilson (1986)
Dodgers 18
Alex Cora (2004)
Hughie Jennings (1900)
Dan McGann (1899)
Brewers 25
Fernando Vina (1998)
Rickie Weeks (2010)
Devon White (2001)
Twins 20
Doc Gessler (1911)
Kid Elberfeld (1911)
Gene Larkin (1988)
Mets 13
John Olerud (1997)
Ron Hunt (1963)
Carl Everett (1997)
Yankees 22
Jason Giambi (2008)
Don Baylor (1985)
Mark Teixeira (2010)
A’s 15
Eddie Collins (1911)
Don Baylor (1976), Jason Kendall (2005)
Wally Schang (1915)
Phillies 27
Chase Utley (2008)
Aaron Rowand (2007)
Dave Hollins (1992)
Pirates 21
Jake Beckley (1895)
Jason Kendall (1997, 1998)
Ryan Doumit (2005)
Padres 11
Sean Burroughs (2003)
Kevin Kouzmanoff (2008)
Quilvio Veras (1997)
Mariners 9
Russell Branyan (2009), Rob Ducey (1998)
Jose Guillen (2007)
Randy Winn (2003, 2004)
Giants 25
Eddie Burke (1893)
Ron Hunt (1970)
Charlie Babb (1903)
Cardinals 31
Steve Evans (1910)
Chief Roseman (1890)
Dan McGann (1900)
Rays 12
Carlos Pena (2008)
Sean Rodriguez (2011)
Kevin Stocker (1998), Felix Martinez (2000)
Rangers 13
Mike Epstein (1968)
Alex Rodriguez (2001)
Mark Teixeira (2003)
Blue Jays 19
Carlos Delgado (2003)
Shea Hillenbrand (2005)
Tony Fernandez (1998)
Nationals 15
Mack Jones (1969)
Ron Hunt (1971)
F.P. Santangelo (1997)

Lilly hit Montero again

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Ted Lilly threw a pitch that hit Miguel Montero last night, and that wouldn’t be very interesting except that Lilly already hit Montero twice this year. That ties Lilly and Montero with Nick Blackburn and Carlos Quentin for the most HBPs this year for a single pitcher/batter matchup. Prior to this year, no pitcher had hit the same batter three times in a season since 2009 when Ryan Dempster took offense to other people sharing his first name and hit Ryan Braun three times. There haven’t been two 3-plunk matchups in the same season since 2007 when Justin Verlander hit Casey Blake three times, Daisuke Matsuzaka hit Alex Rodriguez three times and Roy Oswalt hit Josh Willingham three times. The only modern incident of a batter getting hit 4 times in a season by the same pitcher was in 1995 when Tom Candiotti hit Jeff Kent 4 times.

Roy Oswalt hit Carlos Lee for the 2nd time this season, giving the former Astros ace 25 plunks at Minute Maid Park. Lee has only taken 3 plunks this year. Overall, that was the 76th of Oswalt’s career.

BACON race update:
Jacoby Ellsbury – .838
Robinson Cano – .827
Ryan Braun – .818
Miguel Cabrera – .815
Jose Reyes – .814