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back to back RBI plunks in Boston

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

In Boston last night, Ernesto Frieri had what you’d call a rough 7th inning. He came in with a runner on 2nd, loaded the bases, then plunked Marco Scutaro to drive in a run. Then he hit Jason Varitek to drive in another run. Then he had to go sit down and watch Evan Scribner let both of those guys come around to score runs. So, that was the first time a pair of batters has registered back to back RBI plunks since August 13, 2008 when Ty Wigginton and Mark Loretta did it for the Houston Astros when Ty Wigginton and Mark Loretta did it for the Astros. Neither of them scored a run though. The last time two batters got hit back to back and both scored runs was exactly 5 years ago yesterday. Brian Anderson and Pablo Ozuna got hit back to back with the bases loaded on June 20, 2006, and both scored runs against the Cardinals. Then exactly 5 years later Varitek and Scutaro do the same. There have only been 3 other back to back RBI plunk incidents where both batters scored since the beginning of the DH era.

In Milwaukee, Tim Dillard hit Sean Rodriguez making him the first Brewers pitcher ever to plunk a Tampa Bay Rays batter. The Rays had plunked the Brewers twice before, but that was the first time a Brewer hit a Ray. Also, Nyjer Morgan was plunked square in the back, but was denied first base and the official HBP by umpire Bob Davidson. For some reason, umpires feel the need to make this stupid call once or twice a year, and this case was as terrible a call as any of them.