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Rodriguez gets 156th – back in tie for 17th place.

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Mitch Talbot got thrown out of yesterdays game between the Yankees and Indians, and just because he knew Alex Rodriguez was getting lonely sitting by himself in 18th place on the all time HBP list.  Talbot could sense his sadness about being 1 plunk behind Jeter for 17th place, so he helped him out.  And then everybody got all cranky about it, like no one had ever hit Alex Rodriguez with a pitch before.  Even though it’s happened 155 other times, including once by Talbot.  The Yankees may be getting all sensitive about getting hit by pitches in 5 consecutive games now, but several other teams have been plunked in 5 consecutive games this year – the White Sox got hit in 7 straight games just last week.  But, if the Yankees get hit again today they’ll tie their live-ball era record for consecutive games with a plunk.

Aaron Rowand got his 122nd career plunk yesterday, leaving him one plunk behind Scott Rolen for 43rd place on the all time list.

Mets pitcher RA Dickey hit Andrew McCutchen with a pitch yesterday, bringing the Mets season total to 29 hit batters, and their total it batters on Saturday to 9.  So the Mets have hit 9 batters on Saturdays this year, and 20 on every other day of the week.