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J plunks

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Five batters were hit by pitches in last night’s slate of Major League Baseball games, and all five of them were thrown by pitchers whose first names start with J. That’s the most plunks on a day when one first initial threw all the plunks since April 12, 2007 when all 6 of that days plunks were thrown by pitchers whose first names started with J.

Jon Lester took the major league lead in hitting batters, throwing his 8th and 9th plunk of the season. The Red Sox have hit 36 batters this year, leading the league, and are on pace to hit 97 batters this year. That would break the post-1900 record.

Mark Teixeira was one of Lester’s plunk victims, and he extended his New Yankee Stadium record total to 18… although he left the game injured, so maybe he shouldn’t have done that. Lester has hit 4 batters in his career at the new Yankees ballpark, leading all visitors in plunking Yankees.