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Tejada gets 119th HBP

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Seven batters were hit by pitches yesterday, and 3 of their first names started with the letter M, while the other 4 had the first initial J. On of the M’s was Miguel Tejada, and his plunk was the 119th of his career. He needs one more to tie Buck Herzog for 45th place on the all time HBPs list. Lance Lynn became the 7th pitcher to throw his first career plunk on a pitch to Tejada. That was also Tejada’s first plunk as a Giant, and he’s the 13th batter to be plunked for the Giants this year. No other team this year has had 13 different batters get hit by a pitch.

Another of the batters with the first initial M who were plunked yesterday was Michael Bourn of the Astros. Going into the game, Bourn was 6th in the league this season among players with the most plate appearances without a single 2011 plunk, but he got hit yesterday by Tim Stauffer. Bourn is up to 8 career HBPs, and he’s only 30 plunks behind the number of plunks Craig Biggio had as Houston’s center fielder. Biggio had 255 plunks playing other positions though.

Chris Resop of the Pirates hit Jason Bay of the Mets, and that means those two teams have each plunked the other 155 times in the history of the two franchise.