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Known plunk throwers break 6000

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Ernesto Frieri threw an 8th inning plunk to Xavier Nady yesterday, giving Nady a career total of 55 HBPs, but Nady isn’t the important part here. Frieri had never hit a batter before, and if records can be trusted, he became the 6000th player to hit a batter in a major league game (including pre-1900 players and Federal Leaguers). But he couldn’t have become the 6000th pitcher to plunk a batter if Michael Pineda hadn’t hit Justin Morneau about 30 minutes earlier last night, to become the 5,999th. Vinnie Pestano also threw his first career plunk becoming the 6001st.

Francisco Rodriguez of the Mets plunked John Buck of the Marlins last night, and that means the Mets have now plunked the Marlins exactly 100 times. The Marlins have only hit the Mets 98 times.

Joel Piniero threw plunk number 50 of his career, becoming the 389th pitcher to reach that total. He hit David DeJesus, for his 74th HBP. If DeJesus still played for the Royals, his 74th plunk would have tied him with Hal McRae for 2nd place on the Royals all time list, but of course DeJesus doesn’t play for the Royals anymore.

Carlos Gomez got an HBP for the Brewers, breaking their 15 game plunkless streak. That was the 60th plunk ever thrown by Jon Garland.

Jeter gets 154th

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Derek Jeter had only been hit by a pitch 153 times before yesterday, and he’d only been hit by a pitch against the Red Sox 21 times. But, Jon Lester didn’t figure that was enough, because he’d never hit Derek Jeter with a pitch himself – so Lester plunked Jeter. That pushed Jeter up into a three way tie for 17th place on the all time hbp list, with Alex Rodriguez and Brady Anderson. Neither of those guys got hit 22 times by the Red Sox though, and nobody else in the last 40 years has either.

Ted Lilly hit Miguel Montero in the 2nd inning, and again in the 3rd inning yesterday. He’s the first pitcher to hit the same batter in consecutive innings this year. (That happened only twice last year). Montero had only been plunked twice before doubling his total yesterday.

Mike Stanton got his 6th career HBP yesterday, and one third of those have been thrown by Jason Marquis.

The Brewers did not get hit by a pitch yesterday, making that their 15th consecutive game without an HBP. They hadn’t gone 15 games without a plunk since April of 1996, so this is their longest plunkless streak since before they joined the National League.

Uggla gets 40th

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Five years ago, on May 14th, 2006, Dan Uggla had the first multiple plunk game of his career, getting his 2nd and 3rd career HBPs. Yesterday – May 14, 2011 – he got hit again, for his 40th career HBP. In the last 35 years only Uggla and Chet Lemon have been hit 3 times on May 14th.

Michael O’Conner of the Mets had hit 8 batters before yesterday, with one of those 8 being Clint Barmes. So he hit Clint Barmes again yesterday. Similarly, Johnny Venters of the Braves had only hit 7 batters before yesterday, but one of them was Carlos Ruiz, and he hit Carlos Ruiz again yesterday. It will be interesting if Carlos Ruiz continues to receive one out of every 4 plunks thrown by Johnny Venters.

Sanit makes a two-plunk debut

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Amaury Sanit made his debut with the Yankees last night, and he hit two batters in the process. He’s the first pitcher to plunk two batters in his first major league appearance since Jay Sborz did it on June 22nd of last year. The last Yankee to hit two batters in his major league debut was Dooley Womack on April 14, 1966. At this point, you should repeat the name Dooley Womack a couple of times.

In Baltimore, Brandon League pulled off the feat of hitting two batters in the 12th inning of the game between the Orioles and Mariners. Jeremy Affeldt was the last pitcher to hit two batters in an extra inning, doing that on April 28, 2010, but that was only the 10th inning of that game. Scott Sullivan was the last pitcher to hit 2 batters in the 11th inning, doing that on May 28, 2001. The last to hit two batters in the 12th inning of a game was Tim Fortugno on July 27, 1994.

One of League’s HBPs was thrown at Vlad Guerrerro, who now has 98 career plunkings to his credit, and is on a two game getting-hit streak.

National’s rookie Danny Espinosa was plunked again yesterday, giving him 7 HBPs on the season to lead the National League. In the last 35 years, the only rookie with that many plunks by May 11th was Alex Gordon in 2007. If Espinosa can keep this pace up (and keep his job, since he’s batting .210), he could be the first National League rookie to get hit by 20 pitches since Frank Robinson in 1956. (Reed Johnson and David Eckstein have done it in the American League since then)

Mark DeRosa got his 50th HBP yesterday, from Esmerling Vasquez. One of Amaury Sanit’s plunks, to Jeff Francouer was his 45th. Adam Jones got his 30th HBP, and Matt Treanor got his 25th.

Guerrero approaches 100

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

In last night’s HBP action Vladimir Guerrero got his 97th career HBP on a throw from Felix Hernandez; John Lacky threw his 86th plunk, hitting the never-before plunked David Cooper;, AJ Burnett threw his 92nd hit batter, plunking Jeff Francoeur;and Nathan Adcock threw his first career HBP when he hit Robinson Cano. Evan Longoria got his 20th career HBP on a delivery from Justin Germano, and Scott Linebrink threw number 25 of his career at Ivan Rodriguez. That last one was the 5th HBP this year where both the batter and the pitcher were over 34 years old.

Matt Downs plunked at 100mph

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Matt Downs of the Astros had the misfortune yesterday of being the first batter in the last three years to get hit by a pitch clocked by’s pitchF/x system at 100mph. Chase Utley had one of those in the post season last year, but Downs is the first to get a triple digit plunking in the regular season, since 2008 when I started collecting the pitchF/x data. Both of those came from the same pitcher – Aroldis Chapman. Downs stayed in the game and scored a run.

Aaron Rowand got his 40th HBP as a Giant yesterday, which was also his 121st career plunk, tying him with Scott Rolen on the all time list, at 43rd place. Ian Kennedy threw that at him.

Chris Carpenter threw his 80th career plunk yesterday, and Miguel Batista threw his 75th. Tene Tosoni, Matt Tolbert, and Darwin Barney all got their first major league plunks.

Jose Veras takes relief pitching plunk lead

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Jose Veras plunked Matt Kemp yesterday, giving Kemp a career total of 10 HBPs, and putting Veras into the lead for 2011 relief pitcher plunkings, with 3. Kemp hadn’t been hit by a pitch since last August 24th.

There were five HBPs in yesterday’s baseball action, and all 5 of them occurred in the 7th, 8th or 9th inning of their games. The last time there were as many as 5 HBPs on a day, with none of them occurring in the first 6 innings was August 3, 1972.

3 guys with over 100 plunks – and Danny Espinosa

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Alex Rodriguez already had the park record for HBPs at the Ballpark in Arlington, and the closest active player to breaking that record also plays on the Yankees, but he’s a bit of a show-boater so he felt the need to get his 30th career Arlington plunk yesterday, and the 154th of his career. Dave Bush was happy to oblige. Rodriguez is now tied with Brady Anderson for 17th on the all time plunks list, with 154. Dave Bush has thrown 79 now, but that was his first time plunking Rodriguez.

Down the all time HBP list a little way we’ll find Aaron Rowand, and he moved up yesterday taking his 120th career plunk, and his 2nd from a Mark Belisle pitch. Rowand is now tied with Buck Herzog for 44th place.

And a bit further down from Rowand, you can find Reed Johnson, and he got his 106th HBP yesterday, good for a 63rd place tie with Barry Bonds. Johnson got a pinch hit HBP from Sam LeCure for the 2nd time in 3 days. ReEd Johnson now has 4 HBPs this year, and 3 of them were in pinch hit appearances. The “designated hitter era” record for pinch hit plunks in a season is 4 by Fernando Vina in 1994 and Kevin Sefcik in 1998.

Danny Espinosa got hit again for the Nationals, giving him a NL leading 6 HBPs. If you’re wondering who Danny Espinosa is, he’s the Nationals rookie 2nd baseman… and the National League leader in HBPs this year. Annibal Sanchez of the Marlins threw that one – the Marlins have only hit 5 batters this year, and 4 of them have been on Sundays.

Bobby Abreu‘s plunk from Fausto Carmona yesterday was the 300th HBP in a game between the Angels and Indians.

Clayton Kershaw became the first pitcher to get hit by a pitch this year, taking a plunk from RA Dickey.


Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Justin Verlander threw his 2nd career no hitter yesterday, but that overshadowed a much more interesting thing that happened in that game. Ricky Romero hit Alex Avila with a pitch, and that was the 200th plunk in the history of games between the Tigers and Blue Jays. It was the 90th from a Blue Jays pitcher to hit a Tiger.
Meanwhile, in Dillon Gee hit Matt Kemp – and that was the 200th plunk in the history of games between the Mets and Dodgers. Gee celebrated the accomplishment by plunking Dioner Navarro in the next inning.

Juan Pierre extended his record for most plunks by a player born in Alabama by getting his 90th career plunk on a bases loaded HBP in the 5th inning, against Doug Fister, and his 91st plunk on a 6th inning pitch from Aaron Laffey. The White Sox are up to 22 HBPs this year, to lead the majors.

Reed Johnson gets 105th, Randy Wolf hits 3 Cardinals

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Reed Johnson took a pinch-hit plunking from Reds pitcher Sam LeCure yesterday, moving him up the HBP charts to 64th place, tied with Mark Grudzielanek and Dan Brouthers. They’ve all been hit by 105 pitches.

Meanwhile in St. Louis, Randy Wolf hit three Cardinals batters – Ryan Theriot, Tyler Greene, and Daniel Descalso. He’s the first Brewer to plunk three batters since Dave Bush did that on April 28, 2009. No Brewer had previously thrown a 3 plunk game against the Cardinals, and Wolf had the misfortune of being the first pitcher in Brewers history to hit three batters, and have all three of those base runners score a run. Those were Wolf’s 84th, 85th, and 86th career plunks, and the last one was the 75th plunk ever thrown by a Brewers pitcher to a Cardinals batter. The Cardinals have hit the Brewers 91 times, but they didn’t add to that number yesterday.