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Marquis throws 75th

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Pitchers through 4,475 pitches at batters yesterday, but only 9 of them hit a batter, which doesn’t really sound like a very high success rate from my perspective.

Among those plunks was Jason Marquis’ 75th career hit batter, Brett Myers’ 50th, and Mike Pelfrey’s 40th, but Dillon Gee, Ryota Igarashi, and Cory Gearrin all threw their very first career plunks yesterday.  The last time three different pitchers threw their first career HBP was August 2, 2010.  Which wasn’t really long enough ago to mention, but these things happen sometimes.

Chase Field sees 700th HBP

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Diamondbacks right fielder Justin Upton got hit by a Ryan Dempster pitch in the 1st inning of last night’s Cubs-Dbacks game, and that was the 700th HBP in the history of Chase Field. Upton celebrated the achievement by getting hit again in the 3rd inning, for the 701st Chase Field plunk. Fittingly, Justin Upton has a first name that starts with a J, because batters with that first initial have been hit the most often at Chase Field. They’ve accounted for 97 of the first 701 plunks at Chase Field. Upton is only the 2nd Diamondbacks batter to record one of the multiple of 100 milestone plunks at their home park, joining Jeff DaVanon who was hit by the 500th plunk in park history on July 26, 2007 (DaVanon’s only HBP for the Dbacks). Upton is also the only batter to be the next HBP at Chase Field after recording one of the 100th milestones.

Also yesterday, Rangers rookie Cody Eppley hit Jose Molina, becoming the first pitcher named Cody ever to hit a batter in the major leagues.

Rickie Weeks gets 90th at 98.1

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Hard throwing Cuban import Aroldis Chapman hadn’t been charged with a regular season HBP before yesterday, but he couldn’t resist contributing the 90th plunk of Rickie Weeks career yesterday. That pitch was clocked at 98.1 mph by MLB’s pitchFx system, which makes it the fastest pitch to hit Rickie Weeks in the 3+ years I’ve been keeping track of this sort of thing, beating a Mitchell Boggs pitch from last year by a full 2.5 mph. However, it still only counts as one HBP, and Weeks still needs 5 more HBPs to tie Geoff Jenkins for the Brewers record. Weeks has now been hit 15 times on Wednesday, which puts that day into a tie with Sunday and Saturday for the day of the week on which Weeks has been plunked the most. That was also Weeks’ first HBP against a Cuban pitcher, leaving him 1 Cuban plunk behind John Jaha for the Brewers record in the category of HBPs thrown by Cuban pitchers. And, it was the 40th plunk for Weeks at Miller Park.

Meanwhile in New York, Carlos Quentin got plunked for the 2nd consecutive day, bringing his season leading total to 7. He’s up to 81 career plunks now. Bartolo Colon threw that one, making it his 45th, his first since 2009. Colon is the 492nd pitcher known to have hit a batter for the Yankees.

Also in yesterdays plunks, Adrian Beltre got his 60th career HBP and David DeJesus got his 73.

Quentin gets 6th, causing a win

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Carlos Quentin got hit by a pitch in the 8th inning last night, with his White Sox down 2-1 to the Yankees. He was lifted for a pinch runner, but then his clutch HBPing skills inspired Paul Konerko to hit a 2 run homer giving the White Sox the lead, and eventually the win. Konerko was full of extra adrenaline because he knew that Quentin’s plunk was the 80th of his career, and that he’s leading the league with 6 HBPs this year.

Also getting hit by a pitch yesterday was Reed Johnson, who also got hit yesterday. Johnson is now up to 104 career plunks. That moves him ahead of Tris Speaker on the all time HBP list, into 66th place. Johnson has a rare ability to put up big plunk number in bunches, as evidenced by his 3 career 3-plunk games, so it should be exciting to see if he can continue his 2-game getting hit streak.

Dan Murphy and Willie Harris both got plunked in the 9th inning of the Mets game, by Sean Burnett. That was the first time the Mets had 2 HBPs in the 9th inning or later since May 23, 1999.

Reed Johnson gets 103rd

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

There were only 2 HBPs in yesterday’s baseball action, Nick Swisher got hit by Phil Humber, and Esmil Rogers hit Reed Johnson.  Johnson is now up to 103 career hbps, in just 3100 plate appearances.  The Cubs have now been hit twice this year and are on pace to get hit 15 times this season.  ReEd Johnson has had more plunks than that by himself in 3 different seasons, which probably means he should be getting more playing time for the Cubs.

Zambrano hits 50th at Wrigley

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Carlos Zambrano has now hit 88 batters in his career with the Cubs, after hitting Casey Blake yesterday. That leave him one plunk short of Kerry Wood for the Cubs franchise record, and it would have tied the record if not for Wood returning to the Cubs this year and plunking 1 batter already. But, Zambrano has thrown 50 of those plunks at Wrigley Field. That makes him only the 2nd pitcher in the Designated Hitter era to hit 50 batters at a single park, joining Tim Wakefield and his 86 Fenway Park plunks. It’s not exactly clear why two the only two pitchers in the last 35 years to plunk 50 batters at a single park did it at the two oldest parks in the majors.

In other interesting plunk news, Doug Fister plunked Josh Willingham twice, and John Lackey plunked Torii Hunter for the 2nd time in his career. Lackey is tied with Ervin Santana for 2nd place on the Angels Stadium of Anaheim plunk list, with 32. Chuck Finley holds the record with 38 (the real one, not Sam Ax). Lackey still holds the Angels franchise record for hitting batters.

More plunks for Quentin and Rowand

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Just one each though.

Carlos Quentin took the league lead getting his 5th plunk of the season yesterday, with Brad Penny on the throwing end.  Quentin now has 79 career HBPs and continues to be the active leader in HBP rate with a plunk every 25.8 plate appearances.  If he can keep up that rate through this year, and then also keep up that rate for another 10 years, he could break the all time HBP record in the year 2021.  The White Sox have already been plunked 14 times this season, and are on pace to get hit 108 times this year.

Aaron Rowand got hit by a pitch for the 119th time in his career yesterday, giving him sole possession of 45th place on the all time HBP list, breaking his tie with Miguel Tejada.  It was the 2nd of his 119 plunks that came from the hand of Tim Hudson.  Hudson has now hit 86 batters.

The Twins have now gone 15 games without getting hit by a pitch.

Weeks gets 89th

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Jose Valdez had never hit a major league batter before last night, but then he faced Rickie Weeks in the 6th inning. And that’s how Valdez’s career streak of batters faced without hitting anyone ended at 6. For Weeks, it was his 70th plunk while batting from the leadoff position, and he’s only 6 away from Geoff Jenkin’s record for Brewers plunks. It was also Weeks 39th plunk at Miller Park, and his first HBP thrown by a pitcher named Jose. Weeks has been hit 10 times now by pitchers who were 28 years old at the time of the plunking, and he has 7 HBPs against the Astros. He’s tied with Ryan Braun and Josh Willingham for the 2nd most plunks by an active player facing the Astros, and 1 behind Wes Helms, who has 8 plunks against the Astros.

Along with Weeks, Sean Rodriguez and John McDonald were plunked yesterday, which means 3 of yesterday’s 5 plunks were recorded by 2nd basemen. Through yesterday, 2nd Basemen have been hit 24 times this year, catchers have been hit 24 times, 3rd Basemen have been hit 24 times, and Left Fielders have been hit 24 times. But 1st Basemen have been hit 29 times.

John McDonald’s plunk from Jeremy Hellickson in the 7th inning last night was the 1300th HBP in Rogers Centre (aka Skydome) history. It was also the 1700th plunk in Blue Jays history.

plunks by batting order position

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Here are the active leaders for HBPs at each spot in the batting order.

Batting 1st:
Juan Pierre – 77
Rickie Weeks – 69
Reed Johnson – 62
David DeJesus – 56
Grady Sizemore – 50

Batting 2nd
Derek Jeter – 83
Placido Polanco – 71
Melvin Mora – 35
Omar Vizquel – 29
Shane Victorino – 27

Batting 3rd
Jason Giambi – 75
Albert Pujols – 60
Alex Rodriguez – 53
Mark Teixeira – 46
Vladimir Guerrero – 43

Batting 4th
Alex Rodriguez – 71
Scott Rolen – 65
Prince Fielder – 50
Aramis Ramirez – 49
Vladimir Guerrero – 48

Batting 5th
Jason Giambi – 36
Aaron Rowand – 35
Josh Willingham – 34
Paul Konerko – 29
Jorge Posada – 27

Batting 6th
Jorge Posada – 25
Aaron Rowand – 25
Mike Cameron – 22
Derrek Lee – 22
A.J. Pierzynski – 22
Jeff Francoeur – 22

Batting 7th
Jason Varitek – 21
A.J. Pierzynski – 19
Brandon Inge – 17
Alex Gonzalez – 16
Aaron Rowand – 16

Batting 8th:
Alex Cora – 40
Brandon Inge – 20
Alex Gonzalez – 19
A.J. Pierzynski – 19
John Buck – 19

Batting 9th:
Jason Bartlett – 25
Adam Kennedy – 23
Jerry Hairston Jr. – 20
Alex Cora – 17
Ramon Santiago – 17

Ten active players have been hit by a pitch at all 9 spots in the batting order:
Orlando Cabrera, Mike Cameron, Melvin Mora, Aaron Rowand, Marlon Byrd, ReEd Johnson, Matt Diaz, Nick Swisher, Carlos Quentin and Lastings Milledge. Diaz is the only one who’s been hit at all 9 batting order spots for his current team. Orlando Cabrera got all 9 for a single team, but that was the Expos.

5 plunk game in Tampa

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

The Rays were apparently in the mood for some plunking yesterday, leading them to go out and hit 3 White Sox, but the White Sox fired back with 2 plunks of there own, and that made it the first 5 plunk game of the 2011 season.  In 2010 there was only one 5-plunk game all season, and 2009 had only two of them.  The White Sox are leading the majors in getting plunked with 13 now, and the Rays are the leaders in hitting their opponents with 10.

Among that festival of plunkings was the 78th plunk of Carlos Quentin‘s career, and his 2nd plunking by Jeff Neimann.  Quentin is now tied with Prince Fielder for the league lead in plunks, with 4.

Jason Varitek turned 39 years old on April 11th, and got hit by a pitch last night by Fernando Rodney.  That made him the oldest Red Sox batter to get an HBP since Mariano Rivera hit Ellis Burks on April 24, 2004, while Burks was 39.6 years old.