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2009 National League awards for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Since the National League finished their season when they were supposed to, we can hand out various awards for the year.

Most Plunkable Player AwardNL (most HBPs by a batter):

Chase Utley of the Phillies – 24 HBPs.

This is Utley’s third consecutive National League Most Plunkable Player award, which makes him the first player since Craig Biggio to win the award in three consecutive years. Biggio did that in 1995, ’96 and ’97. Jason Kendall is the runner up this season, with 17 HBPs.

The Phil Knell Award – NL (most batters plunked by a pitcher):

Dave Bush of the Brewers – 15 hit batters.

Dave Bush became the first National League pitcher to hit 15 batters in a season since Dontrelle Willis in 2006.

Mitch Williams Award – NL (most hit batters by a relief pitcher):

Carlos Marmol – Cubs – 12 hit batters.

Plunked Rookie of the Year – NL (most HBPs by a rookie):

Kyle Blanks – Padres – 6 HBPs.

Some voters who have a greater understanding of more complicated statistical methods argued that Adam Rosales of the Reds should win this award because his 5 plunks had a higher lever of difficulty than Blanks’ – many of them were Reds fans arguing that Blanks got to get plunked by Johnny Cueto and Rosales didn’t. But, these voters were shouted down as nerds, and painted by the media as soft on crime. Or, there were never any voters.

The Gus Weyhig Award – NL (most plunks thrown by a rookie):

Alberto Arias – Astros – 6 hit batters.
Ronald Belisario – Dodgers – 6 hit batters.
Kenshin Kawakami – Braves- 6 hit batters.
JD Martin – Nationals – 6 hit batters.
Randy Wells – Cubs – 6 hit batters.

Sandy Alomar Award – NL (most plate appearance without an HBP):

James Loney – 651 plate appearances, no HBPs.

The Chick Fraser Award – NL (most batters faced without hitting anyone)

Yusmeiro Petit – 407 batters faced, none plunked

Most Plunked Team – NL (the plunk pennant):

Brewers – 71
Phillies – 71

Tie goes to the Brewers on head to head plunkings – they got hit 7 times by the Phillies, but only hit 3 Phillies.

Least Plunked Team – NL:

Mets – 36

Most Plunks Thrown – NL:

Phillies – 75 (The Phillis lead both leagues in hitting batters, after making a 13 plunk charge in the final two weeks of the season)

Fewest Plunks Thrown – NL:

Giants – 41

National League All Plunk Team:

1st Base: Nick Johnson – 11 HBPs while playing 1st, 12 overall

2nd Base: Chase Utley – 24 HBP – all as 2nd baseman

Short Stop: Miguel Tejada – 11 HBP – all at short

3rd Base: Kevin Kouzmanoff – 11 HBP – all at 3rd

Left Field: Ryan Braun – 12 HBP while playing LF – 13 overall

Center Field: Aaron Rowand – 14 HBP – all as Center Fielder

Right Field: Andre Ethier – 13 HBP – all as Right Fielder

Catcher: Jason Kendall – 17 HBP – all as catcher

Pitcher: Kyle Lohse – 2 HBP – and he hit at least one batter in each game in which he got hit.

Pinch Hitter: Wes Helms – 3 HBP

2009 NL BACON Title:
Felipe Lopez – Diamondbacks/Brewers – .800

Lopez batted .310 overall, and .387 in games when he had at least one hit, for an .800 BACON. Scott Rolen would have finished a few thousandths ahead of him if he had enough plate appearance in the NL to qualify for the title, and Carlos Beltran would have beaten them both handily if he had held up his .860 BACON over more than 81 games.

2009 NL BACON x HBP Title:

Chase Utley – 16.69

BACON x HBP measure a batters ability to get hit a lot while hitting consistently, showing that Utley’s 24 plunks didn’t leave him with any lingering injuries that would cause him to tough through games without being able to hit the ball. Or, it’s just a stat I like and doesn’t mean much of anything.

2009 NL BACON x Hits Title:

Ryan Braun – 159.2

BACON x Hits is a stat that measures a batter’s ability to get a lot of hits, and get them in a consistent manner. Braun led the NL with 203 hits and had an impressive .784 BACON.

Most Swings – NL (not including bunt attempts):

Ryan Howard – Phillies – 1,385 swings

Most Swings that Missed – NL (not including bunt attempts):

Mark Reynolds – Diamondbacks – 478 whiffs

Save a Tree award – NL (most plate appearances in which the batter did not risk damaging his bat by swinging it, not including intentional walks… or, most plate appearances with 0 swings):

Prince Fielder – Brewers – 65 swingless plate appearances

Most Foul Balls – NL

Andre Either – Dodgers – 538

Best Contact PCT – NL

Luis Castillo – Mets – 93.7%

Fastest recorded plunk Received – NL

Raul Ibanez – Phillies – 99.1 mph – thrown by Daniel Bard (BOS) on June 12th

Fastest recorded plunk Thrown – NL

Waldis Joaquin – Giants – 98.7 mph – hit Everth Cabrera (S
D) on October 3rd

Teen Wolf Award – NL (Most Home Runs on dates of full moons)

Ryan Ludwick – 4

Most plunks by day of the Week – NL

Sunday – Matt Diaz (Braves) – 5
Monday – Chase Utley (Phillies) – 5
Tuesday – Prince Fielder (Brewers), Willie Harris (Nationals) – 4
Wednesday – Aaron Rowand (Giants) – 5
Thursday – Jason Kendall (Brewers), Ben Francisco (Phillies) – 4
Friday – Chase Utley (Phillies) – 6
Saturday – Kevin Kouzmanoff (Padres), Kyle Blanks (Padres) – 4

Most plunks against a single team – NL

Chase Utley – 6 HBPs vs the Nationals

Most plunks against pitchers from Canada – NL

Ryan Braun – 3 HBPs vs Canadians