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Yankees plunked 100 times in Postseason History

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Along with being the first player ever plunked on October 29th, Mark Teixeira had the honor of recording the 100th postseason HBP in the history of the New York Yankees. It was Teixeira’s first postseason plunk ever; recorded in the 8th inning against Ryan Madson, who had never before hit a batter in the postseason. Teixeira is now the 57th batter to be plunked in the postseason while batting for the Yankees.

For the Yankees franchise, it was the 49th HBP they’ve been thrown in the World Series, and the 30th World Series in which they’ve been hit by at least one pitch. The Tigers are a distant 2nd in World Series plunks with 20, but they’ve only been hit in 9 different World Series. The Red Sox have been hit 19 times in 10 World Series. On the overall postseason list, the Red Sox are a distant 2nd with 44.

Last nights plunk was the 12th in Yankees history in game 2 of the World Series, but they’ve been hit more times in game 3 with 14 plunks. Another 10 Yankees have been plunked in World Series Game 1, 6 in game 5, 5 in game 4, and 2 in game 6. But no Yankee has ever been hit by a pitch in game 7 of a World Series. Miguel Cairo got hit in ALCS game 7, in 2004, but that’s the only game 7 the Yankees have been plunked in.

Here’s the full break down of the Yankees 100 postseason plunks, by round and game:

Game ALDS ALCS World Series Total
Game 1 8 4 10 22
Game 2 7 7 12 26
Game 3 4 3 14 21
Game 4 3 2 5 10
Game 5 3 9 6 18
Game 6 n/a 0 2 2
Game 7 n/a 1 0 1
Total 25 26 49 100

Of the 100 baserunners the Yankees have gotten by being hit by pitches, only 16 of them have actually come around to score a run. The last time a plunked batter came around to score was that ALCS game 7 plunk in 2004 by Miguel Cairo (that includes plunks on which a pinch runner took the place of the hit batter, and the pinch runner scored). Cairo has scored 3 times after reaching on HBPs – all in the 2004 ALCS. Derek Jeter is the only other Yankee to score runs after plunks twice. The others to do so are Nick Johnson, Jason Giambi, Chuck Knoblauch, Jim Leyritz, Randy Velarde, Rick Cerone, Elston Howard, Tony Kubek, Hank Bauer, Phil Rizzuto, Joe Dimaggio, and Billy Johnson. Only Mike Stanley, George Pipgras and Earle Combs have been hit with the bases loaded in the postseason for the Yankees – once each.

Overall, the Yankees have won 53 postseason games in which they’ve been hit by at least 1 pitch, and lost 31. In games when they’ve been hit twice, they’re 11-5. 59 of their 100 postseason plunks have been recorded in series that the Yankees went on to win. They’ve won 34 of the 50 postseason series in which they’ve been hit by a pitch at least once – they have a 17 and 5 series record when they get hit once, 10-6 when plunked twice, 3-3 when they get hit 3 times, and 4-1 when they get hit 4 times in a series, and 0-1 when hit 7 times in a postseason series (that was the ’04 Red Sox). Overall, they’ve won 46 postseason series and lost 21 so they actually have a slightly better record of winning their series when they don’t get hit by any pitches, at 11-5.

Tino Martinez has the Yankees postseason record for total plunks with 6, but he never got hit in the World Series. Derek Jeter, Yogi Berra, Elston Howard and Reggie Jackson all got hit 3 times in the World Series, so that’s the record for that round. Miguel Cairo is the only Yankee to get hit 4 times in a single postseason, and he actually did all of them in a single series – the 2004 ALCS. That’s not just a Yankee record, it’s an MLB record for both most HBPs for a batter in a single series, and for a single postseason. The first Yankee ever to be plunked in the postseason was Mike McNally in the 1921 World Series (game 3). The first ALCS plunk for the Yankees landed on Rick Cerone in the 4th inning of game 2 of the 1981 ALCS – but Greg Nettles got hit two innings later. Randy Velarde recorded the first ALDS plunk in Yankees history in game 1 of the 1995 division series. Mike Gazella was the only Yankee ever plunked in extra innings of a postseason game, getting hit in the 10th inning of game 5 in the 1926 World Series. Chuck Knoblauch was the only player plunked as the first Yankee batter of the game in the postseason, and he did so twice – in ALDS game 1, and ALCS game 5 of 1998. Knoblauch’s 1998 postseason for the Yankees was the only time in major league history a batter got hit in all 3 rounds of the postseason.

Pedro Martinez is responsible for more plunkings of Yankees than any other postseason pitcher, with 4. No other pitcher has thrown more than 2. The Dodgers are the franchise who has hit the Yankees the most, having thrown 16 World Series plunks against the Yankees. The Red Sox have hit them 12 times. They’ve been plunked by 21 of the 29 other Major League teams – 9 from the AL and 12 from the NL. The only teams that haven’t hit the Yankees at least once in the postseason are the Astros, Brewers, Rockies, Nationals, Rays, White Sox, Blue Jays and Royals.

Here’s the complete list of every Yankee plunked in the postseason:
Tino Martinez – 6 (2001 ALDS x2, 1999 ALCS, 1998 ALCS, 1996 ALCS, 1997 ALDS)
Derek Jeter – 5 (2003 WS, 2001 WS, 1996 WS, 2001 ALDS, 2000 ALDS)
Alex Rodriguez – 5 (2004 ALCS x2, 2005 ALDS x2, 2006 ALDS)
Miguel Cairo – 4 (2004 ALCS x4)
Jason Giambi – 4 (2006 ALDS x2, 2003 WS, 2002 ALDS)
Chuck Knoblauch – 4 (1998 WS, 2000 ALCS, 1998 ALCS, 1998 ALDS)
Yogi Berra – 3 (1953 WS x2, 1955 WS)
Elston Howard – 3 (1964 WS, 1962 WS, 1960 WS)
Reggie Jackson – 3 (1978 WS x2, 1977 WS)
David Justice – 3 (2000 WS x2, 2001 ALCS)
Alfonso Soriano – 3 (2003 ALCS, 2001 ALCS, 2002 ALDS)
Bernie Williams – 3 (2000 ALCS, 1999 ALDS, 1997 ALDS)
Scott Brosius – 2 (2000 WS, 2001 ALDS)
Robinson Cano – 2 (2009 ALCS x2)
Mariano Duncan – 2 (1996 ALCS, 1996 ALDS)
Lou Gehrig – 2 (1936 WS, 1932 WS)
Jim Leyritz – 2 (1996 ALDS, 1995 ALDS)
Raul Mondesi – 2 (2002 ALDS x2)
Joe Pepitone – 2 (1964 WS, 1963 WS)
Jorge Posada – 2 (2004 ALCS, 2000 ALCS)
Babe Ruth – 2 (1932 WS, 1922 WS)
Hank Bauer – 1 (1953 WS)
Aaron Boone – 1 (2003 ALCS)
Rick Cerone – 1 (1981 ALCS)
Chris Chambliss – 1 (1976 WS)
Earle Combs – 1 (1927 WS)
Frankie Crosetti – 1 (1938 WS)
David Dellucci – 1 (2003 ALCS)
Bill Dickey – 1 (1932 WS)
Joe DiMaggio – 1 (1950 WS)
Joe Dugan – 1 (1922 WS)
Karim Garcia – 1 (2003 ALCS)
Mike Gazella – 1 (1926 WS)
Tommy Henrich – 1 (1941 WS)
Billy Johnson – 1 (1947 WS)
Nick Johnson – 1 (2003 ALDS)
Tony Kubek – 1 (1960 WS)
Tony Lazzeri – 1 (1937 WS)
Johnny Lindell – 1 (1947 WS)
Billy Martin – 1 (1952 WS)
Hideki Matsui – 1 (2003 WS)
Gil McDougald – 1 (1953 WS)
Mike McNally – 1 (1921 WS)
Graig Nettles – 1 (1981 ALCS)
John Olerud – 1 (2004 ALDS)
Herb Pennock – 1 (1923 WS)
Lou Piniella – 1 (1977 WS)
George Pipgras – 1 (1928 WS)
Phil Rizzuto – 1 (1951 WS)
Eddie Robinson – 1 (1955 WS)
Joe Sewell – 1 (1932 WS)
Bill Skowron – 1 (1962 WS)
Mike Stanley – 1 (1997 ALDS)
Johnny Sturm – 1 (1941 WS)
Nick Swisher – 1 (2009 ALCS)
Mark Teixeira – 1 (2009 WS)
Randy Velarde – 1 (1995 ALDS)

In summary, I find this much more impressive than the 26 championships. But I still don’t like the Yankees.

Pedro vs the Yankees

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

As you may have noticed, nobody got hit by a pitch in World Series game 1 last night. That made it the 4th consecutive year that nobody got hit in game 1 of the World Series, and the 68th plunk-free World Series game 1 of all time. But tonight, Pedro Martinez is facing AJ Burnett. Burnett hit 4 batters in the first two rounds of the postseason this year, which means he’s tied with Roy Oswalts 2005 postseason, and Pedro Martinez’s 2004 postseason for the most plunks by a pitcher in a single postseason run. Pedro, meanwhile, is facing the Yankees. He’s already hit them 4 times in the postseason – no other pitcher has plunked the same team more than 3 times in his post season career. He has also hit 17 Yankees in the regular season, which is more than any other active or recently active pitcher.

On the other hand, of those 21 regular season and postseason plunks Pdro has thrown at the Yankees, only 4 hit a batter who was in last night’s yankees line-up. He’s hit Alex Rodriguez twice (both times in the 2004 ALCS), and he’s hit Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada just once each. He’s never hit Damon, Matsui, Cano, Cabrera, Teixeira or Swisher. But there’s a first time for everything.

Also on the list of never-done-before feats of plunkery, there has never been a major league HBP on October 29th – every other day in October has had at least one plunke recorded, but no one has ever been hit on the 29th. But, there has also never been a game on the 29th of October (which just brings up the question one more time of why this is the latest starting date for a world series ever – a day later than the 2001 world series game 1 which was postponed for legitimate reasons, and in a year when neither LCS went 7 games. Stop it MLB, just stop it.)

Lastly, the Yankees have been hit 99 times in postseason history. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Pedro’s name go into the history books as the pitcher who threw the 100th pitch to hit a Yankees batter in the postseason?

Where the weather is still warm and the plunks are still flying

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

There have been 23 plunks in the Major League postseason so far this year, which isn’t bad – it’s actually the most plunks in the pre-world series rounds since 2005. But it’s hard to keep interested in major league postseason plunkings when it seems like they’re taking a week off between each game. But, there are alternatives. New seasons have already begun in the Arizona Fall League, the Venezuelan Winter League (Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional), the Mexican Pacific League (Liga Mexicana del Pacifico), and the Dominican Winter League (Liga de Beisbol Dominicano). The Puerto Rican league starts up next month. 84 batters have already been plunked in the Venezuelan League, 59 in the Mexican League, 37 in the Arizona Fall League and 11 in the Dominican League.

So, here are some leaders in winter league plunkings. Some of these players may be the Major League HBP heros of the future for your favorite team. Annoyingly, the stat pages for these leagues don’t list HBPs- but that’s why we have the internet.

Daryl Jones is tearing up the Arizona Fall league so far, having been hit by 4 pitches in 10 games for the Surprise Rafters. He’s a Cardinals minor leaguer, and he only got hit 6 times in AA level ball in 2009. But, in 2008 he’s had 3 double digit plunk seasons in the minors, and a total of 50 minor league plunks. There are only three other batters who have been hit more than once in the Arizona Fall League, and the player’s major league parent club is in parenthesis next to their names for the ones I bothered to look up.

Name Team HBP Plate Appearances HBP per PA
Daryl Jones (STL) Surprise Rafters 4 47 0.085
Jose Tabata (PIT) Scottsdale Scorpions 2 42 0.048
Nevin Ashley (TB) Phoenix Desert Dogs 2 31 0.065
Ruben Tejada (NYM) Surprise Rafters 2 36 0.056

The Dominican League is only a week and a half into there season, and Pablo Ozuna is the only player to be plunked twice so far. You may remember him from such teams as the Chicago White Sox from 2005 to mid-2008, but he spent 2009 hanging around the Phillies farm system, and is currently a free agent – perhaps hoping his Dominican league efforts at getting hit by pitches will land him an offer.

Name Team HBP Plate Appearances HBP per PA
Pablo Ozuna Estrellas de Oriente 2 22 0.091
Juan Richardson Estrellas de Oriente 1 21 0.048
Hector Luna
Aguilas Cibaenas 1 18 0.056
Josh Pressley Estrellas de Oriente 1 11 0.091
Matt Tupman (KC)
Tigres del Licey 1 15 0.067
Matt Carson (OAK)
Aguilas Cibaenas 1 16 0.063
Jose Campusano Gigantes del Cibao 1 9 0.111
Elian Herrera Aguilas Cibaenas 1 10 0.1
Jamie Hoffmann Leones del Escogido 1 16 0.063
Tony Abreu (ARI)
Aguilas Cibaenas 1 18 0.056

In the Mexican League, Heber Gomez is leading with 4 HBPs, with Roman Orantes chasing him at 3 HBPs. Neither of them is currently affiliated with a Major League club.

Name Team HBP Plate Appearances HBP per PA
Heber Gomez Venados de Mazatlan 4 47 0.085
Ramon Orantes Caneros de los Mochis 3 47 0.064
Javier Robles Mayos de Navojoa 2 49 0.041
Refugio Cervantes Tomateros de Culiacan 2 53 0.038
Abel Martinez Mayos de Navojoa 2 58 0.034
John Mayberry (PHI) Yaquis de Obregon 2 38 0.053
Said Gutierrez Yaquis de Obregon 2 48 0.042
Daniel Fornes Yaquis de Obregon 2 48 0.042
Francisco Arias Mayos de Navojoa 2 60 0.033
Neil Sellers (PHI) Yaquis de Obregon 2 57 0.035
Sandy Madera Caneros de los Mochis 2 62 0.032

Lastly, we have the Venezuelan League – which so far has been the plunkiest league of all with a batter getting hit about once every 53.5 plate appearances. Adam Heether and Jon Jay have each been hit 5 times in Venezuala so far, and they play for the same team. No word yet on whether Hugo Chavez plans to cease those plunks for the government any time soon. Heether is a Brewers minor leaguer, and appears to have played at every level of their organization except the majors – and at every position. Jon Jay is a Cardinals minor leaguer who got hit 12 times for AAA Memphis in 2009. Also notable is Brendan Katin, with 3 plunks in just 31 plate appearances so far – he’s been hit 40 times at various minor league levels for the Brewers system.

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Name Team HBP Plate Appearances HBP per PA
Adam Heether (MIL)
Leones del Caracas 5 68 0.074
Jon Jay (STL) Leones del Caracas 5 71 0.070
Ezequiel Carrera (SEA) Navegantes del Magallanes 4 70 0.057
Dennys Abreu Bravos de Margarita 3 33 0.091
Luis Gonzalez Caribes de Anzoategui 3 58 0.052
David Paisano (TEX) Tiburones de La Guaira 3 49 0.061
Brendan Katin (MIL) Aguilas de Zulia 31 0.097
Daniel Dorn (CIN) Caribes de Anzoategui 3 45 0.067

Burnett fails to break Yankee’s record for postseason plunking

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Postseason HBPs of note: October 22, 2009

AJ Burnett went into last night’s ALCS game 5 having already hit 4 batters this postseason – that’s the most batters any Yankee has plunked in a single postseason, but for career postseason plunks, he’s tied with 4 other Yankees pitchers. Roger Clemans, David Wells, Jeff Nelson and Orlando Hernandez have all hit 4 batters in their postseason careers with the Yankees, but Burnett failed to break his tie with them last night. He didn’t hit anyone.

Robinson Cano got hit by Brian Fuentes, in the only plunking of the game. Fuentes had never hit a batter before in the postseason, but Cano has now been hit twice this year in postseason play. He’s tied with Mike Napoli, Jimmy Rollins, Russell Martin and Shane Victorino for the most HBPs in this years playoffs, and he’s the 21st Yankee with at least 2 postseason HBPs. That was also the 99th time a Yankee batter has been plunked in postseason play, and the third Yankee plunked on October 22nd.

Rollins becomes first batter plunked twice while clinching NLCS

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Postseason HBPs of note: October 21, 2009

Jimmy Rollins got hit by two pitches last night making him the first batter ever to get plunked twice in the clinching game of the NLCS. That also puts Rollins in a tie for the most postseason plunks in Phillies franchise history, with Greg Luzinski, Garry Maddox and Shane Victorino – who got his 2nd postseason plunk last night as well. The Phillies are the 3rd team to get hit 3 times while clinching the NLCS, along with the 2002 Giants and 1999 Braves.

George Sherrill hit Victorino, making that the 3rd time he’s hit a batter in the 2009 postseason. That ties him with Tommy John and Don Sutton for 1st place on the Dodgers all time postseason hbp list. He and Tommy John are the only Dodgers pitchers to hit 3 batters in the postseason in a single year. Sherrill also now holds the postseason plunking record for pitchers born in Tennessee with his 3 hit batters. No other person born in Tennessee has hit more than 1 batter in the post season.

Ervin Santana breaks Angel’s postseason plunking record!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Postseason HBPs of note: October 20, 2009

Ervin Santana hit Nick Swisher with a pitch last night, making that the third time Santana has hit a batter in the postseason… which is a new franchise record for the Angels. Paul Byrd and Jarrod Washburn had each hit two postseason batters for the Angels, but Santana has now hit 3. Santana is also the 16th pitcher to hit at least two Yankees batters in postseason play, but he’ll have to hit two more Yankees just to tie Pedro Martinez in the category of hitting Yankees in the postseason.

Nick Swisher was the 56th batter plunked for the Yankees in the postseason, and they’ve now been hit 98 times in postseason play.

Ruiz plunk leads to walkoff win

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Postseason HBPs of note: October 19, 2009

Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz stepped to the plate down by 1 run in the 9th inning last night, with one out and a runner on first, and did what needed to be done – he got hit by a pitch. But two batters later, he came around to score the game’s winning run on a walkoff double by Jimmy Rollins. As you may recall, the last time a batter got hit by a pitch that put him on base to score the winning run in a walkoff was game 3 of the world series last year, when it was Carlos Ruiz himself hitting the game winner, driving in Eric Bruntlett who had reached on a plunk. The only other plunk in postseason history that resulted in the game ending run being scored by the plunked runner was in NLDS game 1 between the Marlins and Giants in 1997. Charles Johnson got plunked in the 9th in that one, and scored the winning run on an Edgar Renteria single.

Shane Victorino also got plunked yesterday, but he got his in the 8th inning, and did not score a run. But that made him the first player born in Hawaii to get hit by a pitch in a postseason game in the Majors. Ruiz was the first player born in Panama to get a postseaon plunk.

George Sherrill threw Victorino’s plunk, giving him 2 this postseason, which leaves him tied for 2nd on the Dodgers career list, behind Tommy John and Don Sutton who both hit 3 batters in postseason play for the Dodgers. John threw all 3 in 1977, so Sherrill is one short of the Dodgers single-postseason record as well. 8 other pitchers have hit 2 postseason batters for the Dodgers. Jonathon Broxton became the 11th pitcher from Georgia to hit a batter in the postseason.

LCS plunk rates

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Here are the game-by-game plunk rates for each League Championship Series. Because you need to know these things. (This year is not included).

American League Championship Series plunk rates by game:

Game PA per HBP Total HBP
1 163.1 18
2 129.7 23
3 182.5 16
4 177 14
5 72.8 27
6 94.6 10
7 76.7 6

National League Championship Series plunk rates by game:

Game PA per HBP Total HBP
1 139.1 21
2 272.5 11
3 194.6 15
4 212.3 12
5 141.4 14
6 99.5 13
7 64.8 9

NLCS game 3 -also plunkless

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Nobody got hit in yesterday’s NLCS game 3, making that the 26th time the 3rd game of the NLCS has been plunkless. Last season, two batters were hit in game 3 of the NLCS, setting a record for NLCS game 3.
The Phillies still have not been plunked this season, even though their franchise record is right there waiting to be broken at just 2 HBPs. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are both one postseason HBP behind Phillies record holders Greg Luzinski and Garry Maddox, who both got hit twice in the postseason while playing for the Phillies. Last year, the Phillies didn’t get hit by a pitch until game 3 of the World Series.

AJ Burnett becomes first two plunk two in two games

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Postseason HBPs of note: October 17, 2009

AJ Burnett hit Kendry Morales and Chone Figgins in yesterday’s Yankees win over the Angels, and that performance made Burnett the first pitcher ever to have two multi-plunk games in the same postseason. Burnett hit two Twins on October 9th. He joins Tim Wakefield, Mark Mulder and Mike Boddiker as the only pitchers with 2 multi-plunk postseason games in their career, but none but Burnett had both games in the same year. Burnett is up to 4 HBPs this season, which ties him with Pedro Martinez in 2004 and Roy Oswalt in 2005 for the most plunks in a single postseason. And the chances look good that Burnett will get another opportunity to pitch this postseason, and to break the single year plunking record.

On Friday, Pedro Martinez hit Russel Martin, giving Pedro 7 career postseason plunks, which is more than any two othe pitchers from the Dominican Republic, and behind only Tim Wakefield and Greg Maddux on the career postseason plunks list. Martin has now been hit 4 times in the postseason, which moves him into the all time lead for Canadian postseason HBPs, ahead of Larry Walker and Corey Koskie. Martin is also the Dodgers all time leader in postseason plunks, in case you missed it last week.