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More batters plunked

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

HBPs of note: August 14, 2009

Nine batters were hit by pitches yesterday but there wasn’t a lot to make any of them very notable. Jason Bay was hit for the 45th time in his career, while Roy Halladay and Jose Contreras both threw career plunk number 55. Grady Sizemore got plunked by Scott Baker, making that the 2nd time in his career he’s been hit on August 14th – but he’s still behind Miguel Tejada (who did not get plunked yesterday) for the active lead in August 14th plunks. That was also the 2nd time Sizemore has been plunked by Baker, giving Sizemore the all time lead in getting hit by Scott Baker. Mark Reynolds got hit by Ronald Belisario for the 2nd time this season, and the 2nd consecutive time they’ve faced each other. And, Sam Fuld got hit for the first time in his career, making him the 18th batter born in New Hampshire ever to get hit by a major league pitch. He’s 84 plunks behind Arlie Latham for the state record, although Latham played a couple of seasons before HBPs were recorded. Latham was known as “The Freshest Man on Earth”, and also “The Dude” – but he was born in 1860, long before either Will Smith or Jeffrey Lebowski.