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Delgado plunked by 36th US State

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Carlos Delgado got hit by a pitch for the 172nd time in his career yesterday, but it was the first time he’d even been plunked by Ian Snell, and the first time he was ever plunked by a pitcher born in Delaware. Delgado has been plunked by pitchers born in 36 different US states, which leads all active players.

Kaz Matsui also got hit yesterday, but he hasn’t been hit 172 times. Matsui has been hit 8 times, but hadn’t been plunked since September 11, 2005. Between his 7th and 8th career HBP, he’d gone 1,272 plate appearances without being plunked. Only Endy Chavez had a longer active streak (1,618), although Jose Cruz Jr has a 1,445 plate appearance streak but doesn’t have a Major League job this year. That’s only the 4th HBP for an Astros second basemen since Craig Biggio retired. Matsui might just have been waiting to get hit by Josh Geer, since Geer had never hit anyone in his major league career.

In that same game, David Eckstein got his 127th career HBP. He’s 38th on the all time list, one plunk behind Jeff Bagwell. He’s also 7 behind Gary Sheffield on the list of the most plunked players born in Florida, but Sheffield is still playing and can extend his record.

Jeff Weaver hit Fred Lewis with a pitch at Dodger Stadium, giving Weaver 20 hit batters at Dodger Stadium.