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Chase Utley Ties Phillies HBP Record

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

HBPs of Note: May 4, 2009

You know who’s been hit by a lot of pitches for the Phillies? Mike Lieberthal. But, after Kyle Lohse‘s 5th inning plunking of Chase Utley last night, Utley has been hit by just as many pitches for the Phillies as Lieberthal. They’re tied for the franchise record at 88. Utley joins Derek Jeter as the only active players with their current team’s HBP record. Carlos Delgado has the the Blue Jays record, but plays for the Mets, and Jason Kendall has the Pirates record, but plays for the Brewers now. Lohse reached 60 career hit batsmen with the plunk of Utley.

Speaking of Jeter, he got hit by Jonathan Papelbon last night, which makes 140 for his career. Only 17 of those have been thrown by the Red Sox, but Jason Kendall and Jason Giambi are the only other active players who have been plunked 17 times by one team.

And Speaking of Jason Giambi, he got hit by a Joe Saunders pitch yesterday, bringing his total to 161. That’s Giambi’s 15th plunk against the Angels, and the 2nd time this season that Joe Saunders his hit him.

Also yesterday, Austin Kearns recorded the 800th HBP by batter born in 1980, and Aaron Hill received the 1,200th HBP thrown in Rogres Centre, aka Skydome, and Fausto Carmona threw that one.