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100 for Tejada and 600 for Arizona

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Congratulations to Miguel Tejada, on becoming the 65th player in Major League history to reach the 100 HBPs milestone. He got hit by Pittsburgh’s Matt Capps. Unfortunately for Tejada, the Houston Astro fans might not be impressed by the 100 HBP milestone after seeing Craig Biggio get 285, and Jeff Bagwell get 128. But it’s still a relatively rare accomplishment to reach 100 HBPs.

Also, the Arizona Diamondbacks were plunked for the 600th time in franchise history. They are the last in total HBPs among current teams, but when Eric Byrnes got hit by Javier Vazquez yesterday, that pushed them to an even 600.

Chase Utley got hit again, bringing his season total to 11, which leads the league. His career total is 94 and at the rate he’s going, he should have no trouble joining Tejada in the 100 plunk club.

Brought to you by the number 5

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

HBPs of note: May 29, 2009

Joel Piniero of the Cardinals hit Bengie Molina of the Giants yesterday, which was Piniero’s 42nd career plunk… and also Molina’s 42nd career plunk. It was also both of their 2nd plunks of the season. So that’s weird, right?

Tim Wakefield hit another batter yesterday, which gives him 172 for his career. That’s 1 more than every pitcher ever born in Utah. Wakefield needs to throw two more to tie Charlie Hough for 6th place on one version of the all-time list. Wakefield’s plunk was the 26th of his career thrown at the Blue Jays. That leads active pitchers in hit batters versus one team.

Jason Giambi got hit for the 5th time this season, and the 162nd time in his career. He’s the 2nd most plunked Californian ever, the 2nd most plunked active left-hander, and the 3rd most plunked left-hander ever. But he still had all those ranks when he’d only been hit 161 times, so none of that is new.

Cody Ross got hit for the 18th time in his career, yesterday. He’s 6 behind Ralph Kiner on the all time plunk list for batters born in New Mexico.

Fernando Tatis got hit for the 5th time this season, and the 55th time in his career. Of the 7 batters who got plunked yesterday, 4 of them recorded their 5th plunk of the season (including Josh Willingham who got his 4th and 5th).

Not that notable.

Friday, May 29th, 2009

HBPs of Note: May 28, 2009

There were only five Major League baseball games yesterday, and only two players got hit by pitches, neither of which were very notable. Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox got hit by Sean Henn of the Twins, and Aubrey Huff of the Orioles got plunked by Detroit’s Armando Galarraga. Ellsbury should be the last Red Sox player to get hit by a pitch at the Metrodome, unless Boston and Minnesota tie for the wild card and have to settle it with a one game playoff. Aubrey Huff has 33 plunks in his career, which makes him 51st on the all time list among players born in Ohio. Sean Henn’s plunk was the first he’s thrown this season, and makes him the 284th pitcher to hit a batter this season. Armando Galarraga’s plunk was the 9th hit batsmen of his career, and he is the all time leader in hit batsmen among pitchers with four A’s in his last name. He needs to hit 94 more batters to break the record for most plunks by a pitchers whose last initial is G, which is currently 102 by Bob Gibson and Clark Griffith.

AJ Burnett ends David Murphy’s streak

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

HBPs of note: May 27, 2009

Yesterday morning, if you had asked what active player has had the most Major League plate appearances, but has never been hit by a pitch, the answer would have been David Murphy. He had a career total of 693 plate appearances, but no HBPs. He made it through his 694th and 695th career plate appearances without getting hit yesterday, but when he stepped to the plate for the 696th time, AJ Burnett decided he really wanted to throw the 65th plunk of his career. Streak over for Murphy. That leaves Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano as the only active player with over 500 career plate appearances but no HBPs.

Guess how many times Aaron Rowand has been hit by a pitch? That’s right – 98, as of yesterday when he was plunked by Kenshin Kawakami. If he gets hit twice more before Miguel Tejada gets hit once, and before Manny Ramirez gets hit 3 more times, and before Reed Johnson gets hit 5 times, and before Chase Utley gets hit 7 more times, and before David Murphy gets hit 99 more times, Rowand could become the 65th player in history to reach the 100 plunk milestone.

Michael Cuddyer collected his 30th career plunk yesterday, Ryan Garko got number 45, and Chad Moeller got number 15. Alan Embree threw the 20th hit batsmen of his career.

Seven players got hit by pitches yesterday, but four of them hadn’t been previously plunked this season (or in Murphy’s case, ever). Six of yesterday’s seven plunks was thrown in an even numbered inning.

Eckstein reaches 130

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

HBPs of note: May 26, 2009

There were a couple of notable plunkings in the Padres- David Eckstein recorded his 130th career. He’s now in 35th place on the all time list, and only 3 behind the David Eckstein Era record, which is currently 132 by Jason Kendall. It was another 9th inning HBP for Eckstein, but not a a game tying RBI plunk like last week. Kevin Kouzmanoff did have an RBI plunk for the Padres in that game, in the 8th inning, as part of an 8th inning rally that came up short. That was the 30th career HBP for Kouzmanoff, and he’s now just 5 behind behind Gene Tenace on the Padres all time HBP list.

At Citi Field, Fernando Tatis and Fernando Martinez both got plunked for the Mets. For Tatis, it was his 54th career plunk, and his 4th at Citi Field, which is the park record. There have only been 19 HBPs so far at Citi Field, and 21% of them have landed on Fernando Tatis. Fernando Martinez’ plunk was the first of his career, and makes him the first player born in 1988 to be hit by a pitch. Yesterday was the first day on which two different Fernandos got hit by pitches since July 30, 2002 when Tatis and Fernando Vina both got plunked, and it was the first time since July 14, 2000 that two Fernandos got plunked in the same game, for the same team – that was also Vina and Tatis.

Roy Oswalt threw the 60th HBP of his career.

Major League batters recorded 11 HBPs yesterday, which made it the 8th day this year with that number as the total plunks. There have been seven different 10 plunk days, but 11 has been the most popular number of HBPs in a day so far this year. Last year there were only sixteen 11 plunks days all season, but there were 22 days on which 10 HBPs were recorded.

Utley brings 2009 total to 10

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

HBPs of Note: May 25, 2009

Christ Volstad hit Chase Utley with a pitch yesterday, giving Utley the league lead at 10 HBPs in the 2009 season. Volstad has now plunked Chase Utley 3 times, and this is the 2nd of the 2009 season. This is the 2nd season in which Chase Utley has been hit 10 times by May 25th, but in 2007 he had been hit 14 times at this point in the season. Among active players, only Utley, David Eckstein and Jason Kendall have reached double figures in HBPs by May 25th in two different seasons. (Craig Biggio did that 4 times.)

Mark Teixeira got plunked in a road game at Texas yesterday, which moves him into a tie with Frank Catalanotto for 2nd place on the all time plunk list for Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. He’s been hit 23 times at his former home park, but he’s still 6 behind fellow former Ranger and current Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. Among the current Rangers, nobody has been hit more than 11 times at their home park, and the entire 2009 roster has only been plunked 42 times at their own park – less than the combined total of Teixeira and Rodrgiuez of the visiting Yankees.

Nate McLouth got his 35th career plunk yesterday, Gregg Zaun reached the 25 plunks career milestone, and Ryan Dempster hit a batter for the 65th time in his career (which happened to be McLouth).

Augie Ojeda got plunked by Chad Guadin yesterday, which give Ojeda 3 career HBPs on Memorial Day in his career, which leads all active players. Since 1986, only Ojeda, Damion Easley, and Rafael Palmeiro have been plunked 3 times in their careers on Memorial Day.

Eleven batters were plunked yesterday, making it the most plunkful Memorial Day since 2006, when 12 were plunked. 2001 was the most combative Memorial Day in recent history with 14 plunks.

Sizemore finally gets plunked

Monday, May 25th, 2009

HBPs of note: May 24, 2009

Grady Sizemore hadn’t been plunked in his first 204 plate appearances this season, but on his 205th he finally got hit by a pitch, bringing his career total to 54. He’s 2nd only to Travis Hafner among active Indians, and he’s 25 HBPs behind Indians record holder Napolean Lajoie (79). Also in that game, Kelly Shoppach got hit by a pitch, bringing his 2009 season total to 9, which ties him with Chase Utley for the Major League lead.

In Minnesesota, Dave Bush moved a step closer to the Brewers record for hitting batters by throwing his 47th batter since joining the team. Jamey Wright holds the record with 49. Bush’s career total is up to 66, but he hit 19 when he pitched for the Blue Jays.

Lackey hits 3

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

HBPs of Note: May 23, 2009

Angels’ starter John Lackey hit three Dodgers with pitches yesterday, bringing his career total to 68. The Angels team record for hitting batters is 71 by Chuck Finley, so that record is clearly in jeopardy of falling to John Lackey. Lackey has hit 4 batters in only 12 innings of work this year, but that was the first time in his career that he hit 3 batters in the same game.

Kyle Lohse and Randy Wolf both got plunked both got plunked yesterday, making it the first day on which two pitchers were hit by pitches since September 9, 2007.

Phillies plunked for the 4,500th time

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

HBPs of note: May 22, 2009

Chase Utley got hit by a pitch yesterday, which is not exactly a new thing – he leads the league with 9 HBPs this season, and is up to 92 for his career. It was his first plunk at the New Yankee Stadium, and the 20th in the short history of that new park, but perhaps most interestingly, it was the 4,500th HBP in Phillies franchise history. They’re the 5th franchise to reach that milestone. The first 138 HBPs in franchise history were recorded when the team was known as the Philadelphia Quakers, and then for a couple of years in the 1940s they they got hit 52 times while they had changed their name to the Blue Jays for some reason.

David Eckstein got hit by a pitch for the 129th time in his career, but he had to leave the game because of it, so that’s less cool. He’s generally very good at being able to get hit without serious injury, but Carlos Zambrano hit him pretty hard (90.3 mph) while Eckstein was squaring to bunt. Hopefully he’ll be back soon, continuing his climb up the all time HBP list – where he’s currently tied for 35th, with Brian Downing and Willie Keeler. For Zambrano, it was his 73rd career hit batter.

Also in that game, Jake Peavy hit one batter, leaving him on plunk short of tieing the Padres career record for hitting batters. He’s plunked 45 batters in his career.

Joel Zumaya hit a batter, making yesterday the first day since May 11, 2005 on which two different pitchers whose last name begins with Z hit a batter.

Jerry Hairston Jr. collected his 65th HBP, and Carlos Pena got his 40th. Pena’s plunk was the 74th in the all time interleague series between the Marlins and Rays. Those two teams have plunked each other 23 more times than the next most plunk-filled interleague series. It’s also been the most lopsided, with the Rays having hit the Marlins 52 times, and the Marlins firing back just 22 times, including yesterday’s plunk of Carlos Pena.

Interleague plunk records

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Tonight, the first of this year’s interleague play series kick off, so I can only assume that you’ve be scouring the internet all day trying to find out who holds the all time interleague play HBP record.
Well, scour no more.

Player Interleague Hit-By-Pitches
Jason Kendall 20
Jason Giambi 18
Carlos Delgado 18
Craig Biggio 17
Derek Jeter 17
Melvin Mora 14
Alex Rodriguez 14
Aaron Boone 13
Aaron Rowand 13
Scott Rolen 13
Miguel Tejada 13
Kevin Millar 13
Mike Lieberthal 12
Mike Redmond 12
Jeff Bagwell 11
Jeff Cirillo 11
Larry Walker 11
Barry Bonds 11
Jason LaRue 11
Jerry Hairston 11

Sometimes interleague play feels like it’s been going on forever, but it’s still surprising to me to see that prior to this year, there have been 2,956 interleague games. In those games, 659 different batters have been plunked a total of 2,086 times by 784 different pitchers.

Player Interleague Hit-Batsmen
Kenny Rogers 15
Ryan Rupe 14
Tim Hudson 14
Tim Wakefield 13
Scott Sullivan 13
Byung-Hyun Kim 13
Derek Lowe 11
Miguel Batista 11
Ryan Dempster 11
Jeff Suppan 11
Pedro Martinez 11
Aaron Sele 10
Greg Maddux 10
Tom Glavine 10
Ramon Ortiz 10
Darren Oliver 10
Livan Hernandez 10