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AQ – asked questions (not necessarily Frequently)

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

The following are not questions anyone asked me specifically, but questions asked of The Internet (via various search engines) which directed people to either this site, or my old one – Plunk Biggio. That is, search queries I found in the traffic logs.
Since they might not have found the answer very easily on the page Google or Ask or Yahoo sent them to, as a public service, I’m answering them here.

Q:”How many hits did Craig Biggio get in his major league career and how many years did he play
A: Craig Biggio had 3060 hits in 20 years in the majors, plus 39 hits in 9 postseason series in 6 different years. He also got hit by 285 pitches in the regular season, 2 in the postseason, and one in an all star game.

Q: “how many 3,000 hit club members get their hit off a hall of fame pitcher?
A: I assume they mean case where a player got his 3000th hit of an eventual hall of fame pitcher. Dave Winfield is the only one, at least among the players who reached 3000 after 1950 – he got his 3000th hit off Dennis Eckersley. But, it’s worth noting that Stan Musial got his 3000th hit off Moe Drabowsky, and Drabowsky is a member of my friend Josh’s hall of “fame of fat guys and guys from Poland” (you just have to be one or the other for consideration). Drabowsky is the all time leader in HBPs among players from Poland, in both batting and pitching.

Q: “who had 2500 singles but not 3000 hits?
A: Willie Keeler. He’s the only one. He also got hit by 129 pitches, which is pretty good.

Q: “is a hbp a plate appearance?
A: yes. but it should count as a home run. Then Biggio would come out of retirement.

Q: “what is the distance in miles from petco park to fenway?
A: 3,043 by car, on the route provided by google maps. Which is exactly one mile for every major league batter whose been hit by a pitch, in the regular season, since May 13, 2007.

Q: “who has most hbp for white sox?
A: Carlos Quentin had the most in 2008 with 20, but Minnie Minoso has the franchise record with 145, and the single season record with 23

Q: “what events have happened since july 22, 1999?
A: um… 16,579 batters got hit by a pitch? Is that what you were looking for? If you’re not going to be more specific, I can only guess. Jason Kendall has the most HBPs since then with 142, followed by Craig Biggio and Jason Giambi with 135.

Q: “What are facts of tuesday?”
A: Casey Blake and Chase Utley led the majors in HBPs on Tuesday this past season with 6 each. Kevin Youkilis had the highest Tuesday slugging percentage among players with at least 75 Tuesday at-bats. He slugged .750 on Tuesdays. 94 batters have been plunked in the postseason on Tuesdays, but Tom Glavine is the only pitcher who has hit 3 batters on Tuesdays. (This is a popular question – different forms of this query like “facts about Tuesdays” have come up 12 different times in the past month.)

Q: “things that happened in 1999”
A: Gene Kingsale became the first major leaguer born in Aruba to hit a sacrifice fly – Sept 14, 1999. And he became the first Aruban to get hit by a pitch, which was probably more important. (This one comes up about as often as the Tuesday question.)

Q: “the surprising hit in 1996
A: Not much of a question to work with here… but Roger Salkeld went 1 for 32 that year, so that one hit was probably surprising.

Q: “home alone with michael jackson pitchers
A: Pitcher Mike Jackson gave up 67 solo home runs in his career. (Please let this be what that googler was actually looking for.)

Q: “example of a good beginning and a bad ending
A: This blog post?