Friday, October 9, 2009

Plunked batters got 3 for 3

Postseason HBPs of note: October 8, 2009

Troy Tulowitzki got hit by a pitch yesterday afternoon for the Rockies, and the Rockies went on to win the game. Jim Thome got hit for the Dodger, leading to a Dodgers win, and Torri Hunter got hit by a pitch during the Angels win. All three batters who got hit by a pitch went on to victory, which is no coincidence - prior to this year, the team that gets hit by more pitches has won 254 postseason games, and lost 171. That's a .598 win pct for the team with more plunks, but that's actually slightly less than the combined regular season win pct for the more plunked team from 1960 to 2008, of .599. In Division Series games though, teams that get hit by more pitches than there opponents have won 70 games and lost 34 prior to this year - for a .673 win pct. Wednesday, Matt Tolbert got hit by a pitch and lost with the Twins, while the Dodgers and Cardinals plunked each other and equal number of times, so this year's tally is 3 wins and 1 loss for the team who gets plunked the most.

Thome's plunk was the third of his postseason career, and the first postseason plunking thrown by Adam Wainwright. That was also the 30th plunk in postseason history for the Dodgers franchise. Troy Tulowitzki got first postseason HBP, but it was the 2nd time Brett Myers has hit someone in a postseason game. And, Torri Hunter got plunked by Ramon Ramirez, which tied Hunter for the all time postseason HBP record for batters born in Arkansas, with 1. Willie "3-dog" Davis (1965) and Taylor Douthit (1928) were the other two Arkansas born batters plunked in post season play.



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