Friday, September 25, 2009

Kendall achieves 246th career plunk

HBPs of note: September 24, 2009

Jason Kendall was hit by yet another pitch last night, bringing his career total to 246. Plunk 246 was thrown by Tyler Walker of the Phillies in the 8th inning. That was Kendall's 214th plunk by a right-handed pitcher, and his 34th plunk in the 8th inning. The only inning in which he's been hit more often in his career is the 1st inning, when he's been hit 37 times.
Also, it was Kendall's 4th career plunk on September 24th - he had previously been plunked by Julian Tavarez (2001), RA Dickey (2005), and Ervin Santana (2006) on September 24th. He's been hit 4 times on 5 other days of the year, but he's been hit 5 times on April 30th and August 9th. He's now been hit 116 times on even days of the month and 130 times on odd numbered days. And he's been hit 114 times in odd numbered months and 132 times in even numbered months. That probably means something important.
On the downside for the Brewers, they lost the game and are just 5-7 this season when Jason Kendall gets hit by a pitch. Prior to last night, they were 2-0 when he got plunked in the 8th inning, but now they're 2-1.
Tyler Walker became the 194th pitcher to plunk Kendall. Pitchers whose last name starts with W have now tied those with M last initials for the most plunkings of Kendall, with 26 each. Kendall had not previously been plunked by a Walker, (but he has been hit 8 times by the Texas Rangers).
Kendall is up to 15 plunks this season, making this the first time since 2005 that he's reached that number. He was hit 20 times in 2005. Also, it was his 20th plunk at Miller Park. He joins Andres Galarraga as the only players who have been hit 20 times in three different ballparks since 1986 (the Jamie Moyer era).

That's a lot of stuff about Jason Kendall - good thing there were only 4 plunks yesterday (three were thrown by Californians). Manny Ramirez was hit for the 103rd time in his career, and Ricky Romero threw his 10th plunk of the season, and the 10th of his career, which puts him 3 hit batters ahead of Jeff Niemann for the season lead in hit batters by a rookie pitcher.



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