Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dave Bush breaks Brewers plunk record!

HBPs of note: September 2, 2009

Milwaukee starts Dave Bush spent about two months on the disabled list this summer, and through that entire stretch he was tied with Jamey Wright for the Brewer's franchise record for hitting batters, with 49. But, in 2nd inning against the Cardinals last night, Bush hit opposing pitcher Chris Carpenter giving Bush 50 plunks since joining the Brewers. That's the most in Brewers history - and the first time Carpenter has ever been plunked. Then in the next inning, Bush hit Brendan Ryan (for the second time in his career) just to add to his new record. That was Bush's 70th career plunk, and 51st since joining the Brewers. Since the beginning of 2006, when Bush joined the Brewers, no other pitcher has hit 50 batters. Vicente Padilla is 2nd in the post-2005 hit batter standings with 49, Justin Verlander has hit 45, and Daniel Cabrera and Jason Marquis have hit 40 each. Bush is the 2nd pitcher this season to break his team's record for career hit batters, joining John Lackey. Bush, Lackey and Tim Wakefield are the only active pitchers who own their current team's career plunking record, and by pushing the Brewers record over 50, their are now only two major league teams that haven't had a pitcher hit 50 batters for them - the Rays and the Padres.
Here's what the Brewers all time plunking list looks like now:
David Bush, (2006-) - 51
Jamey Wright, (2000-2002) - 49
Bill Travers, (1974-1980) - 42
Bill Wegman, (1985-1995) - 40
Cal Eldred, (1991-1999) - 35
Chris Capuano, (2004-2007) - 34
Jim Slaton, (1971-1983) - 33
Ricky Bones, (1992-1996) - 33
Jaime Navarro, (1989-2000) - 32
Ben Sheets, (2001-) - 31

Along with taking the Brewers Record, Bush also jumped into the Major League Lead in hit batters this season, with a total of 12. He passed Carlos Marmol, Joba Chamberlain and Jonny Cueto who all have 11.

In other news, Matt Garza of the Rays threw his 20th career plunk, and Jose Lopez of the Mariners was hit for the 25th time in his career.



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