Thursday, August 6, 2009

Utley joins 100 plunk club

HBPs of note: August 5, 2009

Chase Utley didn't wait around long on the brink of the 100 plunk milestone. He got his 99th career plunk on Tuesday, and found number 100 Wednesday on a 5th inning change-up from Jorge De La Rosa. Utley is the 68th player to get hit by 100 pitches, but he's the first to do so for the Phillies, and he's just the 23rd player ever to take 100 plunks for one team. He joins Derek Jeter and Melvin Mora as the only active players with 100 plunks for there current team, although Jason Kendall did it with the Pirates and Jason Giambi took 100 HBPs with the Yankees. That plunk was also the 400th HBP in Citizens Bank Park history. And that HBP extends Utley's league leading total to 17.

Albert Pujols and David DeJesus both got their 65th career HBPs. Pablo Sandoval got his 5th.

Thirteen different pitchers from 7 countries threw the fourteen plunks recorded in yesterdays games.

Here's the full list of players who have taken 100 pitches for one franchise:
Craig Biggio (Astros) - 285
Hughie Jennings (Pre-1900 NL Orioles) - 205
Jason Kendall (Pirate) - 177
Tommy Tucker (Braves) - 150
Brady Anderson (Orioles) - 148
Minnie Minoso (White Sox) - 145
Derek Jeter (Yankees) - 141
Frank Chance (Cubs) - 137
Art Fletcher (Giants) - 132
Jeff Bagwell (Astros) - 128
Nellie Fox (White Sox) - 125
Carlos Delgado (Blue Jays) - 122
Frank Robinson (Reds) - 118
Ron Hunt (Expos) - 114
Bill Freehan (Tigers) - 114
Frankie Crosetti (Yankees) - 114
Jason Giambi (Yankees) - 109
Honus Wagner (Pirates) - 107
Brian Downing (Angels) - 105
Melvin Mora (Orioles) - 104
Sherm Lollar (White Sox) - 101
Jake Beckley (Pirates) - 100
Chase Utley (Phillies) - 100

Alex Rodriguez is the next closest player to joining this club, but he only has 74 with the Yankees. Next up is Paul Konerko, who got his 69th plunk with the White Sox yesterday. Then Jorge Posada is tied at 65 with Pujols and DeJesus, who just joined him at 65 plunks with their teams.

Don Baylor, by the way, never got hit by 100 pitches for a single team, but he is still the only player who's been hit over 50 times for three different teams.

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