Monday, August 10, 2009

240 and 241 for Kendall

HBPs of Note: August 9, 2009

Jason Kendall may have been sending a message to, or receiving a message from modern HBP record holder Craig Biggio yesterday. Either that or he just got plunked twice. Biggio's team, the Astros, hit Kendall twice at the ballpark where Biggio recorded 56 of his 285 career HBPs. Kendall brought his career total to 241 and is now just 2 plunks behind Ron Hunt for 5th place on the all time list. The Brewers catcher has been hit 10 times this season, making this the 12 season he's reached double digits in HBPs. That ties Biggio's career total for double digit plunk years - only Tommy Tucker (13) and Don Baylor (14) were hit 10 or more times in more seasons. Wandy Rodriguez threw number 240 to Kendall, and Jose Valverde threw number 241. Neither had plunked Kendall before yesterday.

241 HBPs, by the way, is the same number of plunks that you'd get if you added up the career HBP totals of everyone who has batted for the Tampa Bay Rays this year (24 players). And, there are three other major league teams whose entire 2009 roster hasn't been hit as many times as Kendall - the Rockies (208), Diamondbacks (216), and Twins (238).

Adrian Beltre got hit by Jeff Bennett bringing his career total to 50. That's a decent total, but during the span of Beltre's career, 103 other batters have been hit by 50 or more pitches. Jason Kendall holds the Adrian-Beltre-Era-Record with 195

Jeremy Hermida got his 20th career plunk, which was made more interesting because Jamie Moyer threw it. Moyer has now thrown 3 of Hermida's 20 career plunks. For Moyer, it was his 136th plunk thrown.

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