Friday, July 17, 2009

Homer plunks Kendall.

HBPs of note: July 16, 2009

There were 2,378 pitches thrown toward batters yesterday, but only two of them hit those batters they were thrown toward. One of them was thrown by Homer Bailey and found the body of Jason Kendall. That was the 239th of Kendall's career, and his 21st with the Brewers. That was also the 30th time he's been hit on a Thursday in his career. Of the 820 players who have batted in the Majors this year, and who aren't Jason Kendall, only 122 of them have been hit by 30 pitches ever, but Kendall has that many just on Thursdays. For Homer Bailey, that was the 5th plunk of his career.

In Washington, Cubs starter Rich Harden threw yesterday's other plunk to Josh Bard. That was the 15th plunking of a Josh this season, but more importantly it was the 100th HBP in Nationals Park history. Congratulations on that important milestone, Washington!

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